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LITTLE DRUMMER BOY – Season 1 – Episode 6


Things went on smoothly for about two years with victory; she had forced me to take a few lectures at the music school she worked. It was stressing tho, but for the fact that she was there, I felt kinda good. She wasn’t some girl who was wowed by my ability to play the drums neither was she swept off her feet by her moves. At a point we began traveling to Lagos, Cross River and even Abuja for concerts, we were getting bigger and bigger and one day, something interesting happened.

We were at this fancy hotel in Lagos and after a concert we had this girl came into my room. Before I could proceed to formalities she had stripped and was naked. Two seconds, I placed her on the bed and started sucking her nipples; of course since I started hanging out with victory, I hadn’t had sex with anyone, and so, I pounded her as if it was my first time, yea she screamed, I then turned her over and gave her the best doggy of her life.  She came about three times before I was done. We were both in bed together for a few minutes, then she stood up to leave, as she put on her clothes I asked her name, she said it was Ebimo. We exchanged contacts and she left.

We got back to Bayelsa, I arrived at my place to take a quick nap, victory called and said she would be coming over the next day, so I just cleaned the house and slept off. The next day came and I went to the market to get some stuff to prepare a god-fearing Egusi soup. I came back and started cooking, I made sure not to add much onion because victory didn’t like them much. A few minutes past 3pm she arrived at my place with a bottle of wine saying we had to celebrate, I asked why and she said she had me an old friend at the concert we just returned from. She told me her name was Ebimo and she was an event planner, she was the one who planned the concert. In my mind I began to kill the idea that she might be the same person who came to my room the other day. I convinced myself she wasn’t the one, but just then, victory received a call and gave directions to the person on the other line, and within 30 minutes, I had another visitor. Ebimo stepped in, smiled at me and then sat down. It seemed she had not told victory about our little encounter.

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