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LITTLE DRUMMER BOY – Season 1 – Episode 5


The thing with joy was just a fling, she was going through a rough with her boyfriend and at the moment she had lost interest in him. We had sex about 4 times later within a month and later her dude came crawling, saying he wanted her back. Yeah she loved the guy so she couldn’t actually let him go either, when she told me she was going back to him I acted hurt, but just for the moment, I was so excited about the fact that she chose him over me, I didn’t want any commitments, neither did I need some dead weight.

About two months later, a mega crusade was being held at a federal school field downtown Yenagoa. I was asked to be the official drummer for the crusade, although ministers would come with their own drummers, I was the major drummer for that period.On the third day of the program a particularly high profiled church choir came to minister and to my greatest surprise, their drummer was none other than victory, the single girl in the midst of 5 male drummers. She was now a sensation, she had prodigies under her, she taught in a prominent music school in Yenagoa and she was the major drummer for her church.

Of course she was shocked to see me and I in turn was amazed at how much she had grown in her drum carrier. She was something, a sexy female drummer; it was a first for me. Without a doubt, she anchored their performance well and blew the crowd away with an amazing drum solo. After the day’s event I took her to a nice restaurant to cool off, we shared stories and our experiences over the course of time we were apart. Shewas surprised at how much I had grown since she last saw me, we had a pretty good time and she crashed at my place. We organized studio sessions and made out time to challenge each other during rehearsals and just like that, in a space of a single month, she was my closest friend. She indeed was amazing, although whenever we were around each other I had to over look the fact that I wanted to bend her over in so many ways, but, I had to control myself. I had no plans of getting involved with her at the time; I could not afford to let my lust destroy a nice going relationship.

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