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LITTLE DRUMMER BOY – Season 1 – Episode 4


He strokes were gentle and passionate; I could tell she had waited a long time for this. I could tell by the look on her face that she was getting horny, this made me as hard as a rock, and then she started sucking. This girl sucked and sucked, and she would use her teeth to graze my penis, I was the best experience ever,  I could feel her tongue making its way round my penis and I was in heaven.

After a while I came, she smiled at me and I said to her, it’s my turn. I first kissed her, then, I took off her red polo, gently unpinned her bra and oh my God, these breasts were perfect. I could tell she was already horny because her nipples were now standing, I came close and sucked the one on the right while squeezing the one on the left, and she gasped for air and then gave a high moan. She would at some point squeal then bite her lips as though she could not endure any further.

I then reached down her shorts, made my way to her vagina, and started flicking her bean. She squeezed my shirt and moaned loudly, she was enjoying it, and so I started fingering her. In and out my middle finger went and all of a sudden, her grip was tighter, she started shivering, and then, she came. I took my trousers of and I leaned over her, she was not a virgin so I had nothing to fear, now virgins were always clingy to the person they gave their virginity to, so I actively avoided them.

She held me tightly as we made love, with her legs in the air the missionary was never better, I could feel her warm breath in my ear, and she would sometimes moan the words, “fuck me harder, please, don’t stop”. When I increased my thrusting speed, I could see her eyes turn white, at this moment she could barely say words, all she would utter was, ah, ah oh, oh, oh, harder, harder and these were music to my ear.

We had insane sex after which she hugged me tightly, kissed me on the lips, she told me it was amazing andthen we both fell asleep.

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