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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

LITTLE DRUMMER BOY – Season 1 – Episode 2


We were five who wanted to learn how to play the drums, 4 boys and a single girl and you guessed right, she was the bomb, not a bomb but the bomb. We are talking of a girl who caused people to stumble simply by bending over to pick her pair of drumsticks, a girl who had guys frozen whenever she got too close. She had a nice set of tits, an ass that wasn’t large, but complemented her body size. She had a skin tone and a shape that was all sorts of perfection it was as if God had taken 2 weeks to create her and her face, damn; it could bend the minds and hearts of anyone with a smile.

Now we had been learning for about 7 months and we were getting quite good. We played in services and we were occasionally taken out for concerts to expand our minds and after 2 years we had been posted to several churches to work as instrumentalists. Daniel and Joseph decided to play at winners chapel while gift played at salvation ministries, victory played at some big shot church down town Yenagoa and I was always on the move.

I hardly stayed in any church for more than 3 years, I would go in, learn a thing or two, become part of them and after setting a legacy I would move to another big shot church. Now this had its perks. As a professional drummer I had some ladies coming around and occasionally we would hook up. Some had no strings attached, some just wanted to be the girlfriend of a big time drummer while others wanted commitments, but I don’t do commitments, I see them as obstacles really. Just imagine dating someone and then you later se someone else better, brotherly, you just have to move. I was always generally the curious type; I banged female ushers, female church decorators, young children teachers and even choristers. Ohhhhhhhhh, choristers were simply the best, whenever they climaxed, they would hit notes they could never hit during rehearsals.

This was the life. And don’t get me started on money, I played well and I was equally paid well. Every Sunday I was given 2 thousand naira for transport, I was also provided with accommodation, I never paid rent, at the end of every month I was given at least the sum of 25 thousand naira depending on the church, not to mention the fact that I played for several big shot musicians and was paid handsomely. I was living the dream and I loved it.

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