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LITTLE DRUMMER BOY – Season 1 – Episode 10 [Completed]


Permit me to tell a story

Not a story of adventure

Neither is it one of fame or war

Permit me to tell a story

Not one of beauty nor of brains

A story about a diamond

Whose smile stands against all odds

Whose words are worth a thousand coins

And she was clothed in love, in respect

She was as the bible would say a child of God

And if I didn’t believe in God, I do now.

I believe in angels, I believe in life

I believe in a diamond.

Kelvin Kalada

This poem spoke a lot on the day of the wedding. I gave a speech before the vows were exchanged, and I recited this poem, I explained to everyone present of how important victory was to me and how much I cherished her love. I explained to everybody in the church the kind of person I was, and the kind of person I had become. My love for this girl gave me a certain peace and joy and because of her, I was convinced of the reality of love.

It isn’t some word, love is real. But it is only real to those who hold it sacred. It is worth more than gold and it is costlier than silver. It is the ultimate reward two people could give each other. Let our hearts be open to the possibility of love. After all, it is said that love is life.


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