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Chapter one

St Steven’s Anglican Church was like any other Anglican church, hymns, litanies, chants, psalms and other Anglican stuff. When I had first joined the choir it was amazing, the sounds we would produce were on a different level, and as a matter of fact it was heavenly. I joined when I was just ten years old and I began singing soprano quite well. A few years passed and I was asked to sing tenor, it wasn’t quite of a challenge at the moment. I did well enough and our choir master was quite impressed with my performance, so much that he would hand over solos to me without asking others.

We would often go out for concerts and competitions and sometimes we would come out on top and at other times we would come out least. It became a thing of joy to sing, I didn’t actually sing to the glory of God tho, I don’t know about others. I only did it because it filled me with joy and whenever I sang, I felt happy. If you have ever heard Catholics or Anglicans sing, you would know that it was a sound that could be likened to angels.

When I turned 18 years, I developed a love for playing the drums. On Sundays I would see our drummer rolling and doing things that blew my mind. Honestly, it was mind blowing. Sometimes during the praise section the people playing the keyboard and the bass would just stop and the drummer would just fire down, he would do things that seemed impossible and most times he would just use a single hand to play. Most people never knew and probably won’t know that the drums have a way of appealing to the human mind, it had a particular sensation and there were sequences you would play a person could just go crazy.

I wanted to know how to do it, I wanted to move exactly how he did and then, one Sunday our pastor announced in the church, “if you want to learn how to play the keyboard, drums or bass see me after service”, I was so happy and I patiently waited till the service for the day was concluded.

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