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Life Of A Broke Naija Graduate – Season 1 – Episode 13

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I was in a white-laced dress, Fiwa was adjusting my veil, Amber Rose was applying my makeup, Diamond and Dummy were holding my bouquet and suddenly the groom appeared, it was Shina,I was happy, I was marrying my dream man. I wanted to hug him when his face was replaced by that of Akin. I was scared and looked back, I saw Fiwa, Diamond, Dummy and Amber Rose were staring hard at me, they were all holding daggers, I closed my eyes and screamed, someone held me, I opened my eyes and the first person I saw was Kzee,he was worried, I opened my eyes widely and alas, no white laced dress, no veil, no Fiwa, no dagger, no Akin. I was still in my birthday dress and l was in my bed in my brother’s house, it dawned on me that all was a dream.
“Sisinlaw, Are you OK?” He asked grinning
“Who is Sisinlaw, are you here to joke right now?” I asked. Then, I saw him, I was not sure it was him but it looked much like him. My love walked into my room followed by his parents. I was confused, I la!d back in and I closed my heart, I slapped my cheeks as I wanted to wake up and face the reality. It was Shina, my same Shina… He was with his parents, I was confused, I closed my eyes once again and I heard him ushered out everyone in the room.
“My woman, my woman.” He called out silently. “Ademi, open your eyes, look into my face.” I opened my eyes gently as tears rolled down my cheeks, I adjusted myself as Shina sat close to me.
“I’m sorry, love.” He begged.
“I should be the one to apologise, you did nothing wrong.”
“It was your past, Riri.”
“I fumbled.” I said amidst tears.
“Was that why you ran away?” He asked. “I searched for you.”
“I fumbled, Shina. I was a LovePeddler, I had several abortions, I was a liar, I was stupid and useless, I don’t deserve you, Shina.”
“Baby, that was your past, we all had a worse past too. I love you not because you are pretty but because you are a great woman. You captivated my soul and my heart feel at peace anytime I’m around you. I met mum and dad and they told me you’ve learnt your lessons.”
“Shina, I aborted six times while Amber Rose had just two! Why would you love me better?”
“You see, Bola was never a woman I loved, she was always forcing herself on me right since we were teenagers. I love you and that’s all that matters.”
“Kzee told me you are married” I asked not wanting to be an option, a second wife.
“He’s right baby, I’m getting married soon” he grinned. I frowned, I thought he was back to be my man, I started crying. It hurts to lose a man you love. Why would Shina reopen a fresh wound. I was still sobbing when Shina started singing me a birthday song in his best voice, everyone came into the room including my mum whose eyes were filled with tears, they chorused the last verse….”happy birthday to you” when Shina brought out a diamond ring and popped all women’s dream question…. WILL YOU MARRY ME?

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