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Life Of A Broke Naija Graduate – Season 1 – Episode 10

I got to my former house quite late and everyone in their rooms. I went straight to our caretaker’s room,when he saw the state I am in, he was surprised. He asked me what went wrong and I opened up to him, I told him what happened and about my fake lifestyle. I told him my parents are from Ilawe and that they were farmers,he and his wife listened to me keenly and comforted me. He told me someone else had occupied my room but the guy was yet to pack in and I could use the room for a week. I thanked in and went into my former room, they offered me food but I rejected. I retired in bed thinking about my life, I had a rough and fake upbringing. I vowed that night never to lie again even if it was at the point of death. I was in the room for three days doing nothing, I made few suicidal attempts but I was scared, I don’t wanna die. My caretaker and his wife would visit my room occasionally and the wife brought food which I would either eat or reject. On the third day, I heard a knock, I thought it was Fiwa because she called me earlier and promised to check On me the following day. I opened the door and surprisingly it was Diamond, Dummy and Amber Rose, they dragged me out immediately I opened the door. They took turn raining insults on me as my neighbours were watching, they told them about my fake life in school, my head was buried in shame.
“I heard you told your neighbours you are working in Access Bank, abeg which of the branches because I’m working in its branch at Bankroad.?” Diamond asked. All my neighbours kept murmuring.
“Alasewo wannabe.” Dummy added.
“Aba me na!” Onome shouted in her native dialect.
“You lied to them you are a banker when you go around servicing men” Amber Rose said.

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The three of them took turn hiting me and Dummy tore my yellow gown, I was stark Unclad except the pant and bra I was putiing on. I covered myself with my tattered clothes and then, our caretaker’s wife came to drag me to their apartment. They left when She threatened to call the police. I felt humiliated, I was devasted and my quench for death increased. She advised me to leave our lodge and go and squat with a friend till in able to get over it. I was in her house till evening and when I told everyone would be asleep, I thanked her and on returning to my apartment, everybody was outside, immediately they saw me, they started murmuring, laughing and pointing at me. I buried my head as I walked into my apartment. The following morning around 5am, I was out of our lodge with my boxes, my handbag and my makeup box. I stood at the junction confused about where to go, I sighted an “akoto” bus and immediately I missed my parents. I waved and opted in telling him our street address… ILAWE, here I come.

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