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LET’S TALK! Why Do Some Ladies Prefer Bad Guys?

I’ve been pondering on this for some time now, do we live in a morally bankrupt society where good values are not considered anymore before dating or marrying someone because there’s so much weird behaviour and news nowadays.

There’s another trend of females going after the toffs and socialites, mostly the harpy and snobs! how about marrying someone you know that has a bright future.

I’m not trying to stereotype or profile the entire female gender, we still have a handful of good ones, but the preponderance/vast majority of delusional and misquided ones prefer bad boys for the reasons known to them alone.

Back in school, I had a guy that dated countless ladies due to his ruggedness while I struggled to even date one, some ladies don’t like calm and gentle guys which is an aberration and anomaly to me.

If good virtues are no longer a consideration, then that explains why we have too many unwholesome unions these days, and I fear for the future of this country.

So as a lady, what are the qualities you look out for in a man? Intelligent and calm guys or cult boys?

The invasion of western civilization into our culture is another problem

Lastly, I understand the fact that we all cannot be the same or behave in a particular way, life is about choices, we all have our preferences regardless of compatibility.

… but I will also advise young people to be circumspect to avoid sad stories, don’t get yourself into an entanglement that will mar your life, be painstaking and wise, there’s no need getting into a relationship with someone you’re poles apart.

Why Do Some Ladies Prefer Bad Guys?

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