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LET’s BE HONEST!! If Nigeria Breaks Today, Which Tribe Go Suffer Pass?

In recent times, there have been agitations among different tribes and sects for the division of the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria into different regions.

While the Oduduwa People which represented the Yoruba tribe have been clamoring for a separation, the Arewa who belongs to the Northern region of the country seems to be supporting this same course as the Eastern Biafra wanted a division at all cost too.

With so many of these tribes forgetting that Unity is the key for every development, there has been series of battles, clashes, and disagreements among several sects and tribes in recent times, including the ongoing Fulani-Yoruba clash which has led to various chaos and deaths across the country.

The Northern-based Boko Haram has killed more men in the past few years than any other terrorist group and the Yoruba-led agitators spearheaded by Sunday Igboho aren’t taking it lightly too as they seek revenge for their men that has been slaughtered.

These and many more have led to discussions that have been closer to division than to a united nation which the country has endured for more than five decades.

There are several things a division might cause, one of which is the division in the natural resources and food commodities which we all share.

The different tribes have their uniqueness, strength, and peculiarities and they also have weaknesses and limitations in which the boundedness has helped to cover up for years.

While we all pray for one nation bound in freedom and for peace and unity, but

What If Nigeria Breaks Now, Which Tribe Do You Think Will Suffer Most?

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