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LESSON!! Pastor T.B Joshua & Pastor Dare Adeboye’s Death – What Life Lessons Have You Learnt?

Death is a lesson on its own for everyone.

If you’re still alive today, it is not because you’re perfect or because you’re a saint.

The recent sudden deaths of Pastor TB Joshua and Pastor Adeboye’s son, Late Pastor Dare Adeboye is a big message for all of us that are still alive.

Personally, I have lost loved ones, people who are so dear to my heart and it makes me feel like I am not deserving of this kind of tribulation.

Not because I am a saint or because I am too religious but it’s painful when you never wished anyone bad, when you’ve always stepped in to save lives and boom, you got hit by death of people you so much cherish.

Meanwhile, Pastor TB Joshua and Pastor Dare’s death have sent strong messages of life and death. Life is a journey that has an end no matter how you live it.

The fact that you’re a great Philantropisht, a preacher, a pastor or a pastor’s son does not guarantee you a long life.

Pastor T.B Joshua and Pastor Dare are great men who lived their lives in service of the Lord. Death taking them so soon is a big lesson.

Let’s educate ourselves on the lessons. So we would like to ask 👇

What Life Lessons Have You Learnt From Pastor T.B Joshua & Pastor Dare Adeboye’s Death?

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