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Legend Of The Fuckers – Season 1 Episode 6

Legend of the fuckers episode 6

The time was 11:49pm. The City was Berliin, the German Capital city.

I had missed my direct traiin from Rostock in Northern German and had to take detour routes to get back to Berlin.

I was actually going to Potsdam where i lived but i had to stop in Berlin First. I arrived in Berlinat 11;49 and the last train going to Potsdam has left.

I stood like a statue at the Berlin Alexander platz train station thinking about what to do when a georgeous blonde russian girl came straight to me and asked ” has du feuer”(do you have fire – lighter for cigarres).

”Ja, ich habb ein feuer” (Yes, i have fire)” i replied.

I gave her my lighter to light her cigarette. I also asked her to give me one cigarette out of something to say because i had my own pack of Marlboro menthol in my pocket. After we had lighted our cancer sticks, i asked her where she was going since we were standing in the train station.

” ich weise nicht” (i dont know)” she replied.

It was a surprise to me. How could a human being not know where he or she was going. That was not my busiiness anyway. I have seen a lot of surprises during my short stay in Germany.

We started talking and i told her i had missed my train to Potsdam. She said she had come to see a guy whom she met on the internet but the guy’s phone stopped connecting as soon as she got to Berlin.

As an Igbo man, i asked what her plans for the night was. The temperature was below zero and no one could stay long in one place outside the house.

She said she didnt know and that she was looking for a cheap hostel where she could pay 20Euro and sleep.

-Game on- i suggested we should find a better place since i had missed my train too. She complained about money but i assured her that wont be a problem.

– i had money with me, i was a weed dealer-

we called a taxi and headed to Zoologischer Garten area (Zoo Garden).

I knew the city very well because it was about 30 minutes to Potsdam where i stay and i visit Berlin atleast twice a week. We got to Zoo garden and headed to McDonald resturant to have some fried chicken and salad.

When we finished, trecked to a small hotel i had slept before. On our way to the hotel, i told her that i had only 100 euros with me and that the hotel costs 49euro. I told her that since she was stranded, i was going to give her another 30euro in the morning to complete her transport money back to Dortmund westfallen.

She agreed. We booked one room for both of us. As soon as we got inside the house, she went to the bathroom to freshen up while i began to unpack myself from over five cloths i used to guard my body from the dangerous cold. I left only the trousers on because that was where my money was.

-I had over 2000 euros with me. I Had gone for business in Cottbus but it didnt go well, so i still had all my money with me. I went into the bathroom with my trousers on and locked the door. Then i hid my money in behind the toilet tub and left only 100euro in my wallet.

When i got out, she was lying on the bed facing the wall.

-looked like it was never gonna happen, shiit.. But it did-

I folded my jean and put it on top of a small table in our room.

I went to the bed and lay beside her. She turned and asked me where i came from. I said Cameroun. Cameroun happened to be my country in Germany since those Nazi heads were hell bent on sending Nigerians back to Lagos and our embassy wasnt helping.

She started asking about Cameroun and i answered as much as i could.

Then out of nowhere, the big question came. I wasnt ready for it, it was unexpected.

” I heard that Africans have big Pennnis” she asked.

I stammered a little trying to answer the question.

” I have never heard it, maybe its true” i said.

” why dont we find out since you are here now” she continued.

– I was cracking my weed brain trying to figure out the best way to approach the sexxx matter and here was a Russian yellow head throwing the questions at me. Iit was then and there that i learnt the white people took sexxxx as nothing.

I smiled and she turned fully around facing me. I pulled my boxers down and throw it at the table.

” i didnt say you should remove it completely” she said.

– what da fvcckk does she mean by that-

I instantly decided to sleep all Unclad even if nothing happened.

” i actually love sleeping Unclad” i lied.

” not now, its too cold” she said while smiling.

” what is your name” i tried to change the topic.

”angela” she said?

”Thats a lovely name” i said for the sake of saying something.

”Danke – thanks” she said.

”Bitte – please/welcome” i said.

She looked at my dicck which had started to rise , and turned back facing the wall.

– i was almost losing hope that it wont happen when she turned and grabbed my Dickkkk.

To Be Continued…

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