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Legend Of The Fuckers – Season 1 Episode 5

Legend of the fuckers episode 5

Anja (pronounced Ania)needs Marijuana.

It was a Sunday evening in Potsdam Germany. The weather was very cold outside but the gas heaters installed in the rooms balanced the temperature inside the room. I lived in the asylum building given to us by the German government where we sell weeds to the citizens of the city. Potsdam isa city the size of Enugu metropolis but naturally developed like other german cities. It is the capital of Brandenburg state in the North eastern part of Germany.

We were posted there after completing the mandatory 5 weeks n the admition camp.

I was sleeping in my room that evening when i heard someone whistle outside my window. The germans who wishes to buy weeds from us during late hours uses the whistling alert to let us know that someone was outside.

I got up and went outside to attend to the customer. I met anja outside shivering in the cold and i pitied her. ” was ist los(”What is it)” i asked?

”Has du kiefen” (do you have smoke)” she asked.

”Ya, wie viel” (yes, how much”) i said…

– i will avoid using german as much as possible-

”Ich habb kein geld” (I have no money”) she said.

” aber ich habb etwas fur dich” (But i have something for you”). She said.

I was almost turning back to go when i heard her say she had somethiing for me. Out of curiosity, i asked her what it was and i was surprised whe she said i can fvkcc her.

I quickly scanned my mind to check for loopholes in that proposal. I have learnt that when a woman offered sexxxxx without any pressure, something has to be attached to it. In this very case, i didnt believe that a 10Euro worth of weed was enough to get sexxxxx but i was wrong.

It was very cold outside and melting snow littered everywhere. I was never going to have sexxxxxx in that condition even if the prize was Paris Hilton or Sharon stone.

I asked Anja to follow me inside my room. She hesitated a little because i believed they were told to stay away from the asylum Hostel in the night but this very night, anja needed marijuana and would do anything to get one gram of it.

She eventually followed me up to my room after explaining to the hostel master that she was my girlfriend. She felt so much relieved from the cold outside when she entered the room.

My room contained a bed, a window, a fridge, TV, playstation 2 and some other stuff. There was no chair. That simply meant that we both sat on the bed after removing our jackets. I brought out one satchet of skunk weed and started molling the stuff. I gave it to her to light and started molling another one. We smoked together and watched TV until the weeds burned out. Then i asked her why she wanted to offer s*x for the weed, she explained that she got so bored and sleepless that she needed to smoke and relax.

As i started touching her breastsss, i promised her that i could be giving her weeds all the time if she will be giving me s*x. She smiled and agreed. My german wasnt so good then since i have just spent over one year in the country but i knew enough to do my business and mix up. Anja cannot speak English nor hear it for that matter and for that reason, we got down to business immediately. I pulled off her blouse and unhooked her bra. I started suckkking the soft breasstssss as she slowly lowered her back on the bed. I followed suit with some kisses and touches that made her grab my Joystick and started unbuttoning my jean pants. My clothes and hers were on the floor in less than a minute as i moved my right hand towards her yellow laps.

-damn, these white chics have soft bodies-.

As i moved my hand into her already wet Well, she stopped me and started suckkingg my diiikckk. The pleasure was so high that i moaned softly while following the rythm of the movement of her mouth. She continued suckkking and teasing the tip of my d!ckkkk with her tongue while my mind left this world. I stopped her and slightly lowered her on to the bed again. Slowly i moved my tongue down through her Bosom to her belly button and down to her slightly opened Well. I lowered my head in between her legs and started teasing the lips of her cu..n.t with my tongue. Then i located the cliit with my tongue as she moaned with pleasure while rubbing my head.

I kept on suckking and teasing until she couldnt bear it anymore.

I got up romantically opened my wallet for a condom. I slipped one durex into my d!ckkk and mounted her from behind like a horse. I pumped in and out as she shouted ” Bleep me hard” . I did.

I fvckedd her for minutes until she came. I turned her around and drove my d!ckkkt into the veegee once more. I moved in and out slowly until we both came together.

As soon as i finished and removed the condom from my d!ckkk, a knock came to my door.

”who is that” i shouted..

”Its me, Jordan…. ( The Nnewi Guy who lives in the camp with me)

To Be Continued…

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