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Learning To Lose My Chastity – Season 3 Episode 7

Episode seven


No two people in the same department could go at the same time, so when everyone would start their shifts, they would all get together and decide who was going at 6, 6:30, 7, and so on. So, not knowing this Meijer would be any different, I realized I had not been asked when I would be taking a lunch. I was supposed to be working in the infants section (I work in the fashions department), and so I went on a hunt for one of my new co-workers to ask about the lunch thing.

The first person I found was a girl who had been introduced to me as Samantha. She was pretty, but that wasn’t one of those things that occurred to me at the time. People have to grow on me. I remember walking up to her thinking that her perfectly straightened hair was framing her face just the way that mine should, although I could never get it to look like that. Her hair was a nice medium brown, with her bangs hanging over the left side of her forehead. I walked up to her, and asked her when she was going to lunch. She said “whenever,” and I explained to her how we did things at the other Meijer. I could tell she clearly thought I was an idiot. She said something like “no, just go whenever you want.” I remember saying “ok” and practically running back to my assigned section.

I later found out that at this Meijer, none of the team members are very friendly towards you until you’ve been there for awhile. So, in addition to no one being super friendly towards me for the longest time, let’s just say my perceptions in general were quite off for awhile. The girl named Elizabeth was very friendly towards me, or so I thought. Later, it turned out that she’s one of those people who are nice and sweet to your face and then stab you when you turn around. But I thought she was the friendly one. On that same note, I thought Samantha wasn’t very friendly. Well, things change.

After some time, everyone was talking to me, or at least, “everyone” included the people in my department. That was enough, because I at least knew someone to talk to or to eat lunch with.

Not much progressed for the longest time. Samantha and I became friends, but slowly. I had started working at Meijer at the end of August. School quickly started back up for me, and I was only able to work on the weekends. Christmas arrived faster than anyone could have imagined, and me and Samantha went in together on a gift for our manager, Nancy. We got her a necklace and something else, but I can’t remember what now, as that was over a year ago.

During working at Meijer, talking to your co-workers was inevitable, so sooner or later, you learned a bit about everyone that you worked with. I found out that Samantha lived close to work. As I also live reasonably close, I was curious where she lived. For the longest time, she would simply tell me “oh I live really close” but would never go into detail. I don’t remember exactly when it was, but one day when she made a comment about living close, I asked, and she told me where she lived. I found out lots of random stuff, most which wouldn’t be anywhere near applicable to the story, but one thing that intrigued me was that her birthday was on the day that my anniversary with Alex used to be. Which means, of course, considering that I’ll probably know her for years to come, I’ll never forget what that day used to mean. Anyway.

After a long while, one day we exchanged phone numbers. I can honestly say that now, 90% of my texts are from this girl. She slowly opened up to me, and as she did, she became more funny and attractive.

Sam (she responds to Sam, so in alternating between Sam and Samantha, I’m referring to the same person) has a very dry sense of humor, and is very sarcastic. It took me almost 2 years after meeting her to realize something — she is a lot like Alex. While I’m sure some of my friends would be quick to point out that that’s why I like her, and that’s why we became friends in the first place, considering that I did not realize that until quite awhile after meeting her, I’m not so sure that’s the case. Regardless of why, we became friends.

Shortly after that Christmas, my birthday rolled around, and a different co-worker urged me to accept Jeff’s (yet another co-worker) invitation to go to the movies. For some reason, I didn’t think it was a date. Wrong. I went on two dates with Jeff, the second one ending in the worst sex of my life. This guy wouldn’t even be worth mentioning except for one thing — he brought me and Samantha closer together. You see, during that spring semester, Samantha and me both had a break in our classes for about four hours every other day.

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