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Learning To Lose My Chastity – Season 3 Episode 6

Episode six


I had never been filled so full for so long. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced. I was quickly ready to cum again, as doggy always does it for me very very well, much less when I had this hard and thick of a cock stuffed into me. I could tell Jason was getting close too. He was panting behind me, and his thrusts were getting a little more erratic. With a few final hard, deep thrusts, Jason shot his load deep inside of my pussy, groaning and moaning all the while. He kept thrusting, and a few seconds later, I joined him in my own orgasm. We both collapsed onto the bed and fell asleep soon afterwards.

Time passed, and we eventually did come to have sex again. And again. And again. But unfortunately, this experience has shown me that no Jasoner how hard I try, I can only push away those depressing thoughts for so long…and that when Jason leaves (heck, half the times when he’s here), they’re back in full swing again. Ah well, for now, this works to push them off for a bit. Too bad it doesn’t work better though.

Also unfortunately, when it slipped out to Alex that I slept with Jason, Alex pretty much stopped talking to me. Now, if I email him about something that would interest him, I sometimes get a text message back, but that’s it. Now, that leech friend of mine has found a law-related job and doesn’t bug me so much anymore. Now, the puppy’s getting older and has found new ways to be more annoying everyday. And now, the summer’s over again and I’m back in law school. With even less support than I had last year.

It’s been about a year since the break-up, but it might as well have been yesterday. Nothing significant has changed in my life since then, if anything, things have gotten worse.

Hey, things can only look up from here, right?


So, since the last time I’d had sex with Jason, something had clicked off in my brain, and I decided I wasn’t going to keep sleeping with him. Why? I really couldn’t tell you; I just decided I’d had it with that, and I was going to wait for a serious relationship, or at least someone I actually felt something for, before I was going to hop into bed again.

I think Jason sensed that something was wrong. It wasn’t like we talked a ton as it was, but he started asking if things were all right, especially after I started making up excuses about why he could never come and spend the night. “My parents were visiting” or “I had to work” or whatever kept him away was good enough for me. Like the lyrics of a song, “once the paper’s crumpled up, can’t be perfect again,” something had changed. Although he tried to be nice, nothing could smooth out all the wrinkles and the negative perceptions I had gained towards him.

That was ok though, it really didn’t Jasoner–I didn’t see him all that often. However, without him bugging me (and he finally did get the point after awhile), I really had nothing to do other than to go to law school.

At some point, it became obvious that I needed to get a job. While I didn’t have to worry about paying for school, I didn’t have much money in the bank, and it’s awfully hard to go and do anything without any money. I tried hard to find a job, I really did. I actually did have a job back in high school and college which I could have transferred to the new city I was in, but I was trying to avoid that because I wasn’t very fond of the job. I could make this into a super long story about my trials and tribulations in finding a job, but I won’t. Long story short, I didn’t get any other jobs, and I asked the local Meijer to transfer my position, which they did. That’s where this story begins.

I started work at this new Meijer on a Saturday night. The first day, I met Samantha, Elizabeth, and several other people that I currently work with (but I can’t remember who else was there that night, and it really doesn’t Jasoner). At the Meijer I used to work at, the managers were particular about breaks and lunches.

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