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Learning To Lose My Chastity – Season 3 Episode 11 [Completed]

Episode eleven


Sam momentarily took her arms off of me, pulling her shirt off, and dropping it next to us. We resumed making out for just a moment, before I wrapped my arms around her, reaching back to unhook her bra. She let that fall to the ground along with the shirt, while I lowered my head to her breasts. She simply had perfect breasts. They looked about a C cup, and nice and perky. After all, she was 19, and her body had that perfect, flawless look of youth.

I took one nipple into my mouth, my tongue roving around the nipple, flicking it, and sucking on it. As I did this, she pulled the pony-tail holder out of my hair, freeing my blonde locks. Sam started running her fingers through my hair while I continued to suck on her nipples. She still didn’t seem quite at ease with all of this, so I did my best to erase all coherent thoughts from her mind. I snaked my other hand down to stroke her through her jeans. She jumped a bit, but settled into the touch. A quiet moan escaped her lips as I rubbed a little harder. Taking that as a sign to go further, I unbuckled her belt.

I had been planning on simply reaching my hand into her jeans; however, she had other ideas. She removed her hands from my hair and backed up for a second to push her jeans down to her ankles, revealing black lacy panties. Stepping out of her jeans, she didn’t let me go back to her breasts, but instead, started passionately kissing me. Our tongues entwined, and she moved one of her hands under my shirt to caress my breasts. Her other hand found mine and our fingers entwined. For a second there, it seemed that everything paused, and the only thing I noticed was that she was holding my hand.

I was brought back to the present as she flicked my nipple with her finger, causing me to suck in my breath. With her jeans gone, I reach into her panties, feeling how wet she already was. She shifted her weight and tried to open her legs a bit wider, and I was able to slide a finger into her. At that point, she was clearly done with niceties and with trying to be quiet, and she let out a loud moan that I’m sure my 80 yr old neighbor could even hear. I smirked at the thought of that, and ran my thumb over her clit.

She became bold enough to move her hand down to the waistband of my jeans and slide her hand in. I was clearly wet enough for the both of us, I knew she should have no doubt about whether or not she turned me on. As she slid a finger into me, I slid a second into her, and started moving them back and forth. Sam followed my lead, doing the same. I continued to play with her clit with my thumb, and it didn’t take long before she was squealing and writhing under my touch.

“Ava… I’m….” was all she got out as I felt her clamp down on my fingers. She moaned in pleasure, closing her eyes, and I kept up my motions until I could tell she’d ridden out her orgasm. She’s stopped touching me when her orgasm hit, so for a second there, we were just standing there with our hands down each other’s pants.

“Wow. That was—”

The knock on the door scared the shit out of me, and I fell off the couch. Wait, the couch? What about— And I was fully clothed, not even a belt undone or zipper unzipped. My hair was even still in the pony-tail. In fact, there was no hint of anything having gone on or anyone having been there other than my just being woken up from falling asleep on the couch by someone at the door. Dammit.


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