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Learning To Lose My Chastity – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 10]

Learning to lose my chastity

Learning to lose my chastity

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Story Title: Learning To Lose My Chastity Two

Episodes: 10

Category: Romance, Sex

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Episode one

So anyway, Saturday came around and we just played around the whole day. Alex was trying to tickle me and I remember trying to hold him down to the bed so he couldn’t reach any ticklish spots on my body. Needless to say, I wasn’t succeeding. The fact that we both were naked except for him wearing boxers and me being in a bra and thong didn’t help the situation, because he had much easier access to all the ticklish parts of my body than if I had been clothed. So I got up and got the handcuffs. I figured, hey, I could handcuff him and then he wouldn’t be able to tickle me.

For about 40 minutes we wrestled, trying to get the handcuffs on each other. It wasn’t working incredibly well because we both were able to wiggle ourselves out of any positions that could have been used to put the cuffs on. And believe me, it’s hard to get handcuffs on a moving squirming person. Since we were getting a little tired and didn’t want to wear ourselves out, Alex finally stopped moving and allowed me to put the handcuffs on him.

Now the only problem was that we needed something to wind the handcuffs around so he couldn’t move his arms at all. The fact that we were in a room in Guerin meant that there was a metal chair in our room. So we backed up the chair to the bed and wound the handcuffs around one of the vertical bars on it. He laid back on the bed as I secured the handcuffs.

Then it was my turn to have a little fun. Pulling his boxers off, it was obvious to the world that he was hard and ready to fuck. Grazing my hand over his cock head, he squirmed in my grasp. I could hear the clinking of the handcuffs against the metal chair and knew that he wanted to be able to move around more than he was able to. That just enticed me more. Knowing how much he liked tit-fucking, I unsnapped my bra and dropped it on the ground. Lowering my body over his, I grazed his straining cock with my breasts.

As my soft tits glided over his cock, he took in a gasp of air. I knew he loved what I was doing and now was a perfect time to take advantage of it. I kept moving my breasts softly over his raging cock, knowing that I was slowly driving him insane. “I should have known you would do something like that,” he groaned when I looked up at him with a devilish grin.

Lifting my body off of his, I moved down the length of his body until my mouth was hovering above his cock. Sticking out my tongue, I licked the underside of his cock in that sensitive spot where the head meets the shaft, causing him to arch his body off of the bed. I knew that spot drove him nuts, which just added to all of the other pleasure he was experiencing. Looking up at him, I could see that his eyes had glazed over and his breathing had become more rapid.

I again lowered my mouth to his cock, licking that spot over and over, making him squirm because of the amounts of intense pleasure that were wracking his body. I held the base of his cock with my hand while I did this, because his cock continuously twitched and moved around every time I licked that sensitive spot.

I felt a string of pre-cum slide down his cock and onto my hand. Looking straight into his eyes (with a devilish grin) to making sure he was watching me, I raised my hand to my mouth and proceeded to lick off the cum. This elicited a groan from Alex.

I engulfed his cock with my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip and applying light suction to his whole cock as I lifted my head off it. The whole time, I kept eye contact with Alex. As my tongue bathed his cock, I made sure to flick it across the sensitive spot, making Alex squirm even more. Almost every time I flicked that spot, I could hear the cuffs clinking against the chair as he struggled to remain still.

Moving up his body, I licked his lips with my tongue. He raised his head so that he could kiss me, but I pulled just out of his reach. When he put his head back down, I kissed him and let my tongue fall into his mouth for a mere second. The second he tried to suck on my tongue, I pulled back. “Let me have it,” he groaned with a voice full of need.

This continued for a little while until I finally rested my body on top of his and made out with him. I could feel his hard cock throbbing on my pussy as I lowered my mouth to his neck. I lightly nibbled on it, sucking some of it into my mouth. He always loved it when I did this, as was obvious by him raising his hips to meet mine. He ground his hips against me as I continued to suck on his neck.

“Fuck me Ash,” he said as I lifted myself off of his neck.

And I did. Reaching a condom from the dresser (we still had not had sex without one), I quickly put it on his cock and straddled his body. Slowly lowering myself onto his cock, I heard him gasp as his cock was engulfed in my hot, tight pussy. Once I had him in me as deep as I could get him, I leaned down to kiss him. As we made out, I moved my pussy so that I was fucking him. I couldn’t go too fast because of the making out, but I could still hear his strangled gasps.

Breaking our kiss, I planted my hands on the bed on either side of him and began fucking him. I could feel my pussy tightening around his cock as my orgasm approached. Hearing his groans just egged me on, as I continued to fuck him hard and deep. And I’m not one to fuck girl-on-top without a little teasing.

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