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Laycon’s fans caught hawking his album on the streets of Lagos (photos)

Laycon’s fans have put up another strategy in promoting his album, the fans who are also known as ICONs were seen in early hours on the streets of Lagos hawking his debut album and making the awareness known that Laycon has released a new album.

Yesterday they came up with a strategy by hiring BRT buses in Lagos state that will cover some specific streets in the state with the positive aim of making people aware that Laycon has released his debut album.

His album currently is charting in many countries across the world and this is as a result of their plans before the album dropped, before the release of the album Laycon’s fans were seen contributing money for promotion when the album drops and immediately after the album dropped they started doing huge promotions for the album.

Those who were seen on the streets of Lagos state were seen wearing customized clothes with a marsh of the album graphics and also QR codes to direct people to the site to buy the album. Apart from this Laycon’s fans are also heavily streaming his album and they are making it known that Laycon has dropped the album.

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