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Lavish in Praise – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 2]

Lavish in Praise

Lavish in Praise

Lavish in Praise
A Short Story

“What the heck is love? What does she want?” Benjamin asked me. You could see every venom shooting out of his ears, mouth and nostrils. His hands shook violently in utter frustration. “I provide her with everything that she needs. I just bought her a car. I took her to Paris last year for our marriage anniversary. She had both of our children in the USA. She travels at will, at my expense. Despite all these and lots more, she does not seem to be happy. Please tell me, my friend, what do I do to make my wife, Nkiruka truly happy?” Benjamin stared at me; his eyes were fixated on my lips as though the fruit of life were destined to emanate from the space between them. I flickered through my head for words of wisdom. I had known Benjamin for most of my life and Nkiruka for long to, although not nearly as long as I had known Benjamin. Benjamin held a lavishly lucrative job with a consulting firm in Lagos. He had been asking me to stop by the next time I was in the country. Fate seemed too eager to place a wedge between us. This time around, I made it. I was staying with them for a few days in Lekki. Quite frankly, I could tell that Nkiruka was not a happy wife – or shall I say, not a happy woman. “I have noticed that Nkiruka is somewhat, cranky; she seems to snap at the slightest infraction. I have a feeling something is eating her up,” I remarked.

“Exactly! Kedu ife I choo ka m mee? (What do you want me to do?)” Benjamin asked. His arms were spread wide. A blend of bemusement and annoying frustration was etched across his face. Nkiruka stormed into the living room. She was supposed to be at the bead with some friends, but for whatever reason, she chose to return home sooner than she had planned. “Hi Babe, you are back early,” Benjamin said. “I could not stand those girls anymore,” Nkiruka replied snappily. “They are a bunch of adults with baby brains.” “I like your dress, Nkii,” I pointed out.

“Really?” She asked, stopping to showcase more of her dress. “You look smashing in that dress. And your braids, there are impeccable,” I added. I could see a fleeting blush zip across her face. She smiled broadly at me. “Thank you, Dike,” she said as shesmiled her way to the living room. The next day, Benjamin was at home with me while Nkiruka who worked for Globacom had gone off to work. “Ben, have you bordered understanding your wife’s love language?” I asked him. “Which one be love language? I told you all the things I have done for her, yet she is unsatisfied. What more do you want me to do? Speak in tongues to her?” “You are smarter than that, Benjamin. Did you not see the excitement and joy on your wife’s face yesterday evening when I complimented her outfit and hair?” “No!” “Then, you are emotionally blind. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (food). The way to a woman’s heart is through your mouth straight to her. Besides, according to the book, the Five Love Languages (By Gary Chapman), every person has something they hold very dearly when it comes to romantic expressions. For some, it is gifts, such as you have showered on Nkiruka. For others, it is quality time – how much time you are willing to spend with them tells them how much value you place on them. Some would do anything to hear you tell them the finer words and romantic things of life. Some people want you to do things for them (service). They want to see you x things for them, help them run errands, assist them with some chores. For them, that is what love means. And finally, some dene love by how and when you touch them (physical touch).” Benjamin stared at me as though I was speaking gibberish. “You think gifts and stuff are all Nkiruka wants. Maybe she wants something else. You j g p g g g y g need to find out what it is.”

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