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Lara’s Faith – Season 1 – Episode 9

Lara’s Faith

Lara’s Faith

Funke tossed and turned on her bed. She had suffered from chronic fever ever since her last encounter with Lara.
“What have I done to deserve such treatment from my daughter?” she asked herself.

“The child I bore for nine months, brought up at my own expense, decides to turn against me.” she gazed at the ceiling.

She counted the ceiling for a long time.
“Hmn!” she chuckled wickedly.

“So far I’m her biological mother, she must leave that marriage! Whether Tony gets well or not!” she said firmly.

She brazed up a plan, she pulled her cellphone towards her and dialled a number.

“Hello, Deji ?” she said into the phone.

“Hello, eka le ma! Good evening.” Deji said in a sleepy voice.

“Deji please, come over to my place tomorrow morning. We have something to discuss.” Funke told her softly.

“okay ma.” Deji said cautiously before ending the call.


“Deji eat and drink now, its your home o.” Funke said as Deji sipped her drink shyly.

“Deji there’s something I’ll want us to discuss.” she said after Deji finished her snacks.

“I heard of a girl back then…the girl that used to be Tony’s mistress…I mean Sophia…” she continued.

“uhum!” Deji grunted giving her suspicious look.

“Errm..Deji, I know you and your exploits, you have this city under your finger tips…” Funke appraised her.

“So?” she grimaced.

“So I want you to tell me where she is! I know you monitor her movements! Please let me have her address.” Funke explained.

“just like that? What do you want with her?” she asked.

“I’ve got some business plans, and I heard she’s good in such business…”

“Of all the business women in this city?” Deji interrupted her.

“Common Deji, just give it to me! I’ll pay any amount you need.” funke said this because she knew Deji is a sucker for money.

“hmmn, I just hope this ‘business’ won’t affect Lara o!” Deji cautioned.

“Nooo…not at all! You forget Lara is my daughter!” Funke laughed.

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“Okay!” Deji said scribbling Sophia’s address on a note pad.

“Thank you, name your pay!” Funke smiled satisfactorily.

“no need for that! Meanwhile, I must go and see Lara now, I promised her I’m going over.” Deji made to go.

“Okay bye, and please don’t tell her about this o.” Funke saw her off.

She waved as Deji drove away, a donkey smile playing on her face.
First mission accomplished, next target on point!

Lara smiled absent mindedly at herself, its been a month since Tony left, he’l be back soon.

“Can’t wait!” she said aloud to the empty room. She decided to call him…

“Hello Baby?” Tony’s voice said from the other end.

“Good morning to you.”

“morning how do you do? Hope you slept well?” Tony asked.

“Not that well, and you?” she made a face as she spoke.

“same here, missing ya loads.” he laughed.

“So you’re coming back this weekend?”

“Nooo, the doctor said I should for two weeks more.” Tony explained.

“Oooh” she groaned.

“hey hey hey! Two weeks is just like two days, no need for that okay? I’ll be back soon. There are many thing I’d like to show you!” he said soothingly.

“Many things? Like?” she laughed

and on and on, their conversation went till the door bell rang.

“Hey hold on! I’ll call ya later.” Lara said before ending the call.

Deji was at the door.
“ah! Ore mi atata, my friend, welcome!” she hugged Deji.

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“This one you are looking fresh ehn?” Deji teased.

“You can say that again.” Lara giggled as she served her friend.

“When is the hubby coming back now?” Deji asked gently.

Lara was taken aback, Deji never referred to Tony as ‘the hubby’ before,

“Errrm, i just called him on phone, he said next two weeks..” she explained.

“Next two weeks!” Deji echoed after her, she looked pleased by the information.

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“Yea!” lara felt a strange feeling, she knew Deji very well, that look on her face isn’t for nothing.

“Excuse me!” deji said as she made a call.

“Hello, Lady?” she said.

“The client should be in town in the next fourteen days, yea, business should be cool!” she smiled mischievously.

“Okay, bye, get all arrangements ready please.” she ended the call.

“The client? Next fourteen days?” Lara asked quitely.

“Yea, just some sort of business.” Deji avoided her eyes.

“Business? What type?”

“Oooh, Lara please! I didn’t come here for an interview na!” she laughed.

“Okay” Lara sighed. Deji has been acting strangely for some time now. She hope there won’t be troubles.

“So tell me girlie! How’s Tony? His health?” Deji shoved her playfully.

Lara laughed, some how she felt more relaxed.

Lara was at the breakfast Table, when the gateman came in to tell her, that a letter was delivered for her.

She opened the envelope gingerly, she read it aloud.

‘ peace of the most high God be upon you.

How’s your husbands health? I hope all is well.

I saw a revelation last night about you, I don’t know if its a mere dream, or its a warning.
You just have to be careful about the way you do things, you are surrounded by unfriendly friends.
There is danger lurking ahead.

May the good Lord see you through. Amen.

Pastor Wilson’

she read and re-read it again, what message is he trying to pass across.
Danger? Unfriendly friends?
She felt shivers run down her spine.

“God see me through o.” she clasped her hands in prayers.

Unfriendly friends? She thought. She’ve got a few friends, just Deji.
Could it be Deji? No it can’t be!

“But Deji had been acting strangely now!” she argued aloud.

She’ve been asking suspicious questions about Tony!

“Hmm!” she sighed aloud.

Just then her phone beeped. A text from Deji.

‘ hy bestie,
I’ll be travelling out of town, sorry I won’t be around for the dinner with Tony as planned.
I’m really sorry.
My regards to Tony when he comes back.”

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“Talk of the devil!” Lara eclaimed as she read the text.

She shook her head in suspicion.
Truly Deji is up to something, why would she travel when she knew Tony is coming back that evening.

Lara dressed and redressed her dress for the twentieth time as she leaned aaginst the car that brought them.
She wore make up for that occasion, courtesy of her mother-in-law.
She glanced her saphire wrist-watch, and shook her head.
She wondered what’s keeping Tony, their plane landed twenty minutes ago.

“Why is it taking Tony so long to come na!” Amara complained as she shuffled from one foot to another.

“Maybe something important.” Lara quipped.

“Hmm” came the grunt

“or maybe he’s shy!” she suggested again with a playful smile

“Shy? Tony lacks that characteristic o!” Amara laughed.

They both feel silent, as their eyes surveyed the airport environment.
Just then….

“Holly Majolly!” Amara exclaimed.

“What?” Lara asked.

“Don’t look back!” Amara tried to hold her.

But it was too late, Lara’s eyes swung left and right,then she spun round, everything around her froze…

Tony was at a far end, locked in Sophia’s arm as they kissed ‘passionately’

Lara shut her eyes momentarily, then re-opened them, what she saw was real!
Her vision began to get blurred, she was inhaling and exhaling sharply.

Tony saw them, pushed Sophia away and ran hapilly towards them.

Lara saw him coming, on his own legs, no longer on the wheel chair.
She wished, she wished he never got well.
She wished… She began to slump slowly.

“Lara…” Amara said nervously as she tried to hold her.

But she passed out.


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