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Ka3na: If You Don’t Have People Who Want To See You Fail, That’s The Reason You Haven’t Succeeded

Success is many things to different people, and often times people have a way of defining success which can be the accumulation of wealth, but whatever the definition is everyone wants to be a success in life, as no one wants to be associated with failure, which is a turn off for every living being.

In as much as many people want to be successful, there are certain motivation, or drive that can push someone into becoming a success, many factors do play out, but for Ka3na Jones who is a participant in last year’s BBN television show, she has given her reason why some people aren’t success yet.

According to how she puts it on her Twitter’s page, she discloses that, “If you don’t have people who want to see you fail, that’s the reason you haven’t succeed. They’re your biggest motivation. #ka3namotivation”

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