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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 9

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

A fish-like creature appeared before him and drag him down the water, he screamed for help but it’s too late cus the water is already soaked with his blood..then we started running, at this point Cynthia was actually crying while others were scared of what actually happened

Sege : guys see this journey don tire me o,e be like say I go return back home o, no be by force to get money o
Me : Sege u know that’s not possible naw
Blanny : yes, you know wetin we see before we reach here, now only you wan waka go back
Cynthia : Sege please stay na
Sege : no
Kola : guy no do like this na, we go soon see wetin we want
Sege ; after all of us die finish abi? Laye!

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Sege turned and walked away, we all did our best to stop him but he never agree to that, we all stand and watch him wade away from our sight. Then kola ordered that we keep moving, we all followed his order and we keep walking till the everywhere start getting dark..
Then I saw some strange creatures moving before us, I can see them from were I was standing but others can’t..

Me : kola! So where do we go from here?
Kola : its almost dark, let’s sleep over till tomorrow
Me : but this area is very dangerous, we can’t stay here
Kola : but we can’t start moving at this dark hour..
Me : kola this area is dangerous, please let’s look for another place to sleep
Kola : no we stay here, and it’s high time you followed my orders cus am the leader, okay?
Me : leader? We are all equal here cus no one appoints a boss when we were starting this quest so stop seeing yourself as one…

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I said and walked away, everyone walked towards where kola asked them to sleep,then I interrupt them…
Me : guyz, you all should listen now and attentively, that place you all are heading to is very dangerous and full of evil, even if you all can’t see it, I can. You all should learn that we don’t have any leader here, we are all the same cus I see no reason why one should start acting like the boss when everyone is dying, if you want to follow kola’s order, that’s alright but am just saying mine just to avoid evil..

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Kola : ben just shut up,what you all need is a secure protection, and not just an oral protection now if you want to follow me,move this side (he said pointing to his left side )
But to my greatest surprise, everyone followed him

Kola : Mr Benjamin, you see for yourself now, the choice is yours, stay or die alone…
Did he actually called my full name? It’s been long someone called me that, anyways no lele, I have no choice I followed them, as we approach the spot those spirit start hiding themselves..

To be continued

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