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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 6

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

We saw everyone sitting calmly as blanny went about to entertain them with some kinda brainy stuff..

His name was blessing , but we called him blanny . He was smooth, malleable as putty, his greasy manners oiled the clogged wheels of the deals that happened in our small town, once in a while. He grew up here, lived among us until nine years ago . When his mother’s death scattered the family in different directions, like the grains of corn from a container that crashed, leaving the blind father stranded, all by himself, waiting on hope, waiting to be picked up, the lone grain buried somewhere in sand, beneath twigs. We always knew that blanny didn’t believe in anything, but we didn’t know what he would do to prove that. He only knew how to work hard, we’d say; he knew how to deal the cards.

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Late Jahrul , who was his best friend , gave him the alias (blanny), used to say that the boy could sell his mother, that the poor woman had Death to thank, for her second son was scheming to palm her off for a fistful of cash. Who would buy her, for how much, to what use,Jahrul never said, preferring to intone, ‘If there’s one person who will do anything to get money, it’s he.blanny’

Whenever blanny and Jahrul were together , I stood by the window and watched them at play.

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‘blanny!’ Jahrul , hollered as blanny emerged, walking briskly along.

‘Is inside my blood!’ the boy was suddenly gratified.
But I know he will miss jahrul so bad…

Chris hailed from the gathering “the one and only blanny whey de reason wella”
Blanny :Das right. A million stars no equal the single moon.’
Sege :Na You sabi the thing!’
Blanny : Das me you hail.’
Kola : You who come across a rooster on a bushpath and ask, Your feather or your flesh?’
Blanny : Talent senior training. Abinibi pass ability.’

Sege : On account of the new yam you redesign your mother’s facial marks with a machete!’

Blanny now close to his addressor, pulled a face. The mention of his mother was part of the game, but it came too early. The gathering under the strange tree erupted into laughter, and when he made a rude sign at sege nobody really noticed. But I do, from there I cut in…

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Me : hmmm hmmm! Guyz I fink that should be enough for now, it’s getting late let’s look for a place to sleep…

They all stood up in preparation for the sleeping stuff, tonight it’s gonna be me and blanny on guard, we took a walk a bit away from others as we both chatted for 10 minutes till we depart to our post..

I was sitting untop of a tree watching the environment, when I saw something strange coming towards our direction

To be continued

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