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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 6

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Immediately I signal blaNny to inform him about what am seeing and he also responded that he can see everything, at first am unable to get the clear picture of what or who is coming, until when they edge closer..

I saw two dwarf they both tied red cloth around their waist,white cloth tied on their head, and they both were hawking something best known to them,suddenly I can’t feel my legs anymore, it seems maybe am on air or on water, I head became big I tried to scream but I can’t hear myself screaming.

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This continued for 20 minutes till am able to get myself, then I saw blanny also battling the same thing that just happened to me. I dropped down from the tree and I trailed them till they got to the midst of sleeping others.
The male one looked at the female and they both shake their head in pity..
FeMale : what are those strange creature doing here?
Male : they are here in search of the egg of life..

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When I heard him say that I almost pee on myself cus I was very surprise to see him say that. How did he know what we are here for? I said that in my mind

Female : don’t they know that this is the evil forest of the ancestors?
Male : maybe, but what I see is that, most of them are here because of wealth
Female : yes, how I wish they know what evil await them on this journey, cus no one come’s here and go freely…
Male : would they even get what they want? Cus most of them will fail to keep to the warning given to them..
Female : how I wish they can do that, all of them will survive..
Male : see let’s go, they are too ugly I can’t even stand their irritating smell..
Female : same here

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*Watching from distance * I shake my head, nawa o even monster self they talk say we ugly, so monster self the get taste,see as them short and them still de abuse person, hehehe I laughed, anyways na money cus am.

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As they were about going, blanny show into the scene and I quickly drag him down..
Immediately two of them halt and look back, blanny want to scream but I covered his mouth with my hands..

Me : *whispering* you de craze? U want make those short things come take us do night suya?
Blanny : no vex na fear catch me, wait o e be like say them they come our side o..
Me : make we hide wella..

Female : I think someone is watching us
Male : let’s check…

Me : chai see gobe o, we die here *in yaw voice*

To be continued

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