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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 4

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Then I woke up and saw everyone starring at me..

Cynthia : oga, nawa o wetin make you begin shout like person whey dem they chase so?
Blanny : guy wetin happen?
Me : chai! So na dream?
Kola : no nah reality, abeg tell us wetin u see jare…
Me : nothing, where jahrul de?
Vincent : e go pee
Me : bola nko
Kola : she go pee self..
Vincent : e don Tey whey dem two don go self mah go check them..
Me : no no, chill dem go soon come

I tried my best to stop him from going but he never listen

Chris : ben10 wetin de worry u dis days? Person say him wan go check him sister out u de stop am, nawa for you o
Sege : ben free am na abi which one be ur own self
Me : guyz una no go understand, I know why am doing this
Kola : benji just shut up and sitdown, your wahala self too much…

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I tried to hold Vincent down but all of them turn out to pull me back, but before he could go bola was already on her way coming as we all see them even jahrul was coming from the other side, I started thanking my stars on behalf of jahrul cus I know if Vincent actually caught him, he won’t live to tell the story..

We relax for 20 more minutes to prepare our stuff then we proceed with the quest, we were about crossing over a foot bridge when something told me to warn everyone not to look down from the foot bridge, I told everyone this and they all agree..the water was actually as red as blood.. we all were passing over when jahrul had a voice similar to his late mum’s own the person was actually drowning in the river screaming jahrul’s name for help..

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Me : jahrul no look down o
Jahrul : but na my mama voice I de hear so nah.
Me : just de go no look down
Jahrul : make I leave am make e drown for this red water ni
Me : jahrul shut up nah, abeg no look down if you want to live
Jahrul : ben shut up, I go look am and nothing go happen, who even give you the right to lead self, you whey lazy pass fowl so

After saying this he looked down from the foot bridge then he slump and fell into the water, the person who was calling him turned to a big crocodile and tore him apart..others screamed and I samba the warning to them that none of them should look down until they drop from the bridge, immediately everyone started running till we finally cross the bridge, we stood there and watch the crocodiles feed on jahrul with eyes full of tears..

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Everyone looked at me and they were very surprise to see that am the choosing one the wise herbalist man was talking about.. We all cried a lot cus one of us is gone and what this mean is “death is waving over ours heads” but the question is who next…?

To be continued

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