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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 3

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Cynthia and bola the two girls amongst us grab me from behind out of panic, Immediately kola stood up and turn on his touch, but he see nothing,

Kola : guyz calmdown, it’s nothing maybe it’s the air work
Bola : kola are you sure?
Kola : yes trust me, it’s nothing

Before kola could complete that sentence, we heard yet another sound, but this time it’s very loud and clear. Yet the same sound come again and again, immediately everyone started running heading straight towards the same direction but actually we don’t even know where we were heading to, jahrul looked back and he saw some set of masquerade chasing after us..

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Jahrul : see them o! Them de behind us o…
‎We all ran as fast as our leg could, till we get to a certain
point where we no longer see them..

Sege : guyz make we stop, them no fit see us again , Cynthia : no o them fit catch us if we wait for this time na..
Bola : na true o, them fit hide for one place de wait make we relax so that them go catch us ..
Kola : muna relax them no fit see us again

We all agree to his suggestion since kola is the boldest among us, We all sit and relax, eventually we started sleeping one after the other Cynthia was the first to sleep followed by blanny, then Chris, bola, jahrul and I while kola and Vincent didn’t sleep, cus they stood to watch and guide us for the night…

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Around 4 o clock in the morning bola woke up and she asked jahrul to follow her cus she wana urinate, the two of them went out of our gathering, both of them started discussing some irrelevant stuffs..

bola was the first to make the move, she stood up and undress herself infront of jahrul, jahrul on the other hand respond immediately by giving her a wet kiss of which bola welcomed by holding jahrul’s head, she knelt down and unbuckled jahrul’s belt she pull down his shorts and she brought out his solid hard c–k, she kissed it at first and then started sucking it, as this drama was going on vincent also excused himself from kola, he trailed them down and he hear some romantic sound coming from the other end…

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Vincent : jahrul, bola!!! What’s happening here?
Immediately he landed a hot slap on bola’s face and he gave jahrul a hard punch on his nose, jahrul also punched him back and they started fighting, bola ran down to inform us of what’s going on and we all rushed down there just to find out that jahrul is lying in pool of blood.. I screamed haaaaa!
(happy birthday to me)

To be continued

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