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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 28 [Completed]

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Out of pity I forgive kola I carry the money and walked out of the room.. on my way going I removed the ring and insert it into my pocket, not knowing the pocket is bad.
Then the ring fell out of my awareness, I keep walking till I received a strong hit on my head, I fell down and looked back but I see no one..

I dropped the bag and tried to look for the ring but it was gone. I received another hit on my left leg and I screamed out of pain, I fell down and cried.
Me : who are you? What do you want from me?
Then the person appeared, it’s kola! He had been trailing me from the moment I left his room..

Kola : you think say na only you wise abi? I don de watch you since but you no know..i hate you from onset, right from the day jahrul and others let you in, I know you are such a fool, and na that your stupidity go kill you today..
Kola hit my right leg again, this time I was laying helplessly on the ground crying out of pain..

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But if I could trick the wisest being on earth, if I could steal from the most powerful being on earth, if I could face the goddess of beauty, without the help of any magic. Then I should be able to handle a human being even with both eyes closed .. I laye on the ground as kola was approaching me with a knife on his hands.. I close my eyes ,i threw sands towards his face,I rolled out of the spot, and aim for the hand with the ring, I quickly chopped it off with my knife..

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Kola screamed in pain, and I quickly insert the ring to my finger ,immediately all my pains are gone, I move closer to kola and gave him a huge punch. I don’t want to have anyone’s blood on my hands so I walked away. Kola tried to attack me but he slump and hit his head on his standing knife! He died instantly ..i looked at him out of pity and walked away..

Two weeks later after enough treatment, I travelled back to visit joke and her dad. I proposed to joke and she agreed to marry me. In few days time we got married..
The next night was our h—y moon, we actually travelled to Ghana for it,.. joke entered my hotel room on a skimpy skirt, she move closer and dragged me to herself, immediately I left up her skirt and I discovered there was no undies there, as I was about to plant a wet kiss on her lips, I received a strong slap.. where could this come from? ..i tried to kiss her again and I received another one, but this time it was stronger, immediately I opened my eyes, I saw my hands under blanny’s trouser and my lips closer to his own! Jezz so na dream!

Blanny : ben! Wetin de worry u? Which time you turn gay?abi God wan punish u ni?‎
I don’t even bother to answer him, I stood up and look around, everyone was actually there starring at me…omo mehn! Dream na mumu thing o…LOL..

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