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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 27

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Before I entered ,i inserted the ring moremi gave me on my finger. Immediately I start feeling like a god, cus what ever I think of ,will automatically happen..i looked at one of the baron bottle besides me, and it disappeared, then I thought of it appearing again and it works…

With full confidence I entered and I saw Cynthia sitting on kola’s lap, at first they didn’t see me, not until when I move a bit closer to them.. Cynthia was the first to saw me, she jumped off kola’s lap and she called kola, pointing her fingers towards me..before kola could raise his eyes towards my direction, I quickly disappear, he looked for a while but he couldn’t see me, kola thought she was drunk and he didn’t believe her..

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Cynthia stood up and went to the rest room, I quickly followed her. But she couldn’t see me cus am yet to appear back to my shape.. she entered but before she could close the door I followed her, she locked the door. then I decided to move a bit closer to her and I appear back to my normal self. She almost faint when She saw me..

Me : Cynthia, I trust you, but you betrayed me.why?
Cynthia : please forgive me benji, I truly love you, but when kola hit you, he threatened to kill me if I don’t support him, that’s sorry please don’t kill me
Me : give me one reason why I should spare your life?
Cynthia : cus I was forced to betray you. It’s all kola’s fault

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As she was speaking, I could read her mind, though she was saying the truth ‎.I looked at her for a while and out of pity I forgive her,i asked her about the egg, she confirmed that the whites had went away with it.. I asked also about the money and she say it’s with kola. . I turned and walk out of the room, then I heard her foot steps following me, she tried to stab me with a knife, then I disappeared, with the full force of stabbing me, she was unable to control her speed,..she hit her head on the mirror stamped on the wall,and she fell and died..

I cried for a while and head straight to kola, but before I could get there he was no where to be found ,i asked the person he was sitting beside, and he told me kola went upstairs, I quickly trailed him, then I caught him trying to run away with the money..

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Me : where do you think you are going?
Kola : ben! So you no gree die abi? As I take hit you hard reach you still survive am, no worry na your last time be dis..
He pull out a pistol and tried to shoot me, but the pistol did not work..i smiled and look at the pistol, the pistol disappeared and appears in my hands..kola fell down on his kneel and started begging me..why should I forgive you for all you have done?..

To be continued

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