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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 25

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

I quickly rushed inside to wear my cloth, then joke enters.
Joke : where do you think you are going?
Me : *surprised* am going for hunt
Joke : are you out of your mind? Don’t you know how dangerous it is?
Me : am sure igbo irumole is more dangerous
Joke : ben please nah stay with me
Me : don’t worry daddy won’t stay too long,I will hurry him up..
Joke : *frown* mtcheeeew..

I obviously understand where joke was driving at,but no time to check time, I stood up and join joke’s dad, he hand over his hunting bag to me and we walked down the forest…on our way going joke dad went about to tell me the tricks some animals play when they are being attacked, and he also told me that some animals are monsters, anytime I tried to shoot one and I started feeling dizzy, I should stop immediately..OK sir I said.

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We got to his first trap and it was empty, then my mind told me the next trap had caught a big antelope, I quickly inform him about it and he believe me, but I warned him to use arrow instead of gun..

Joke dad left me there with the hope that he will be back in a jiffy, I stood there and he went to check his next trap.. it was about 20 minutes time, I saw a rabbit standing in my opposite direction , I tried to shot but I was feeling dizzy, then I walked closer to the rabbit I could hear her talk..
Me : hey who are you *I was a bit scared but not much *
Rabbit : am a friend
Me : sorry I don’t have monster friends ,show yourself
Rabbit : calmdown

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Immediately a huge light shinned from where rabbit the rabbit was, I quickly cover my face, till it went deem..jezz it’s moremi!
Me : moremi, what are you doing here?
Moremi : I came to say hi
Me : that’s nice of you
Moremi : what happened to your head.
Me : it’s a long story
Moremi : I understand..but I have a gift for you, when you get to kola, he will surely fight back, use this..

She stretched fort a ring towards me, I quickly collect it and say thanks to her.. moremi : just take good care of yourself, from now on I will be visiting you. I have to go
Me : bye!

She transformed back to rabbit and ran away, I wait for another five minutes yet joke’s dad is not yet back, then I decided to go check him out, I just follow my mind till I gets to were he was, I saw him rumbling with a big antelope, I quickly joined him in the battle, but so unfortunate for me, the antelope turned and faced me, he gave me a hard hit on my head and I fell immediate, as he tried to jump on me, I quickly pick up my machete and insert it straight into his heart..

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Joke’s dad quickly stood up and help me up, ” you are truly a god” ,he keep praising me by calling me a god, but yet I still don’t understand why he keep sounding that.. he carried the antelope on his back and we walk our way down home.. we got to a certain junction, I was so exhausted and tired, I feel down and hit my head against a stone..

To be continued

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