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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 22

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Sege scream in pain, rumbling and crying for help but who are we to help the poor boy, we are also faced with the challenge of deciding between life and death.. ojiji get to Cynthia and started displaying, Cynthia closed her eyes and never make a sound nor breath, ojiji free her and got to kola as she quickly passed the egg to kola, kola also survived ojiji’s threat..

Then ojiji left, we started running till we get out of the scene, on our way going Cynthia step on a reddish stuff, immediate she fell down and started shaking.

Me : Cynthia, what’s wrong with you?
Kola : Cynthia talk na

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We keep asking her some set of questions but she could not reply us, then my mind asked me to lay the egg on her chest, I did that immediately and she stop shaking.
Cynthia : what happened to me?
Me : you step on a reddish stuff and you fell..
Cynthia : heeee! So na like that I for take die *crying*
Me : calm down, at least you are save now, very soon we will soon be out of this..
Kola : guyz let’s start moving, it’s getting late, I don’t want us to spend another night in this evil forest..

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We stood up and started walking, but we don’t know where we are heading to cus we have already missed our way,this continued for several hours, before kola asked us to relax that he would go and check maybe there could be a way closer to us.

We trust him and we sit, kola left for the search as he said, I and Cynthia were discussing about how we are going to spend our money when finally we are out of the forest, already I don de fall in love with Cynthia ,so I was like telling her I would probably marry her and settle down after the search.. suddenly I heard a strong knock on my head, that’s all..

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I woke up and saw blood all over me, Cynthia was gone and no sign of the egg and kola also, I tried to think about what happened but my head hurts really bad so I can’t stress myself ,I forced myself to stand up then I fell again and faint ,but this time I opened my eyes and saw some set of lights around me, I could feel the softness of a bed, how come am on a bed when I knew I fell in the middle of the evil forest..
I tried to lift myself up then I heard a soft female voice

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Girl : please relax don’t stress yourself, or the wound will not heal on time
Me : who are you and where am i?‎
Girl : when the time comes, you will surely know
Me : how do I get here
Girl : when the time comes, you will know everything..
Me : what! Don’t I have the right to know where and how I get here?

The I heard a deep voice from the other room

Man : calmdown and use your drugs, we will explain everything to you.. just relax
Me : no, I want to know now..
I was actually shouting way too loud then suddenly I faint again

To be continued

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