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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 21

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

This continue for several minutes then kola brakes in..
Kola : ben let’s enter this water, how on earth can we stand ojiji’s power
Sege : yes let’s do that, me no fit face ojiji o
Cynthia : ben answer nah

I stood in silence as I watch every of their gesture, then I started thinking of what to do, my mind tells me to follow the one standing at the opposite of the river bank, but how on earth can I stand the wrath of ojiji, never! That’s not possible jare..

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Yet my mind keep telling me to face ojiji, then I have no choice than to face him, cus my mind has not let me down starting from the day we start the quest.. I told others about this, but they turned down the idea, claiming we can’t stand ojiji…
Me : guyz, my mind no de deceive me..
Kola : ben abeg, me am not ready to die in the hands of the most powerful creature in this forest..pls look for another idea.

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Cynthia : ben, let’s enter this water..
Sege : ben you no well at all, na which kind yeye idea be dat?
Me : you guys should calm down, all we need is to be one..lets forget about individuality now, we have to fight this together. What I was thinking is, if the possible way to hold the egg without the awareness of ojiji is by holding down our breath, then we can fight him by holding our breath..

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Kola : how?
Me : ok, it’s like this, shebi the egg is ojiji’s heart ? With this we can fight him with his heart in our hands, now the warning is, when ojiji finally gets here, we will start passing the egg, once it gets to you, you must hold your breath, till u pass it to someone else.. my mind tells me ojiji doesn’t have the only way he could see us is by hearing us breath..when the egg is with you he won’t be able to harm you . he will perform some set of scary trick, but please don’t be panic o..

Finally I was able to convince others to succumb to my point, then ojiji appeared to the scene, offcus I guessed right, ojiji has no eyes.. we started transferring the egg among ourselves, for almost an hour ojiji was unable to see us.. he walks around us and started sniffing us one after the other..

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The first person was me, he dazzling wine and twist before me, but I didn’t make a move , when he move, I passed the egg to Sege, ojiji instantly continues the same action then Sege failed , he breath and passed the egg to Cynthia, immediately ojiji spit fire on Sege, and the fire consumed him from head to toe…

To be continued

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