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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 20

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Those scorpings began to increase, within a short period of time.. both blanny and Vincent were consumed to skeleton by the scorpions..cynthia wants to scream but I quickly caution her not to try such, cus it might be very dangerous..

Me ; kola, shey you know it’s your fault?
Kola : how?
Me : if to say u support me, dose guys go still de alive now .
Kola : oga it’s their choice, that’s what they wished for so stop blaming me..
Me : listing to yourself, wetin you talk make sense for your ears abi..?
Kola : wetin, shey u wan come beat me ni abi why you de shout like goat self?

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We started exchanging strong words as we were about to exchange punches, cynthia and sege intervene.. they quickly summon us about what we were there for..i looked at kola and hissed, I lead the group to the egg, on getting to the egg I hold my breath and lift it, I start moving fast and I stretched it to sege, he instantly collect it and walked for 5 minutes, he stretched it to kola, kola also hold it for another 5 minutes, and he gave it to cynthia, she also moved for 5 minutes..

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This continued simultaneously till we get to the exit door, at this time the egg was with me, we walked out of the cave and head straight to the forest, as we were moving, I heard a loud roar…

Me : let’s run faster guyz, ojiji is awake..
Immediately we started running, suddenly it starts raining..ojiji is chasing after us let’s keep running. I said at the top of my voice..

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Cynthia : ben abeg, I no get strength to run again, I don taya..
Me : tire for this kind time?please try we will soon be out of this.
Cynthia : no I can’t! Please let’s hide..
Sege : cynthia try nah, u can do it
Cynthia : no I can’t..
Kola : ok let me back you..

Kola immediately backed cynthia and we start running till we get to a river bank, at first we wants to enter the river, but I told them not to cus, ojiji might caught us in the process of doing that..

Sege : ok what’s next now?
Me : calm down, am looking for an idea..
Kola : ben abeg be fast o, we are running out of time..
Me : chill nigga..
Cynthia : let’s enter this water, we don’t have much time .
Me : you guys should trust me on this, muna chill
Cynthia : ok o..

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I start thinking of what to do..then suddenly two old women appeared, one was standing in front of the water whilst the other was standing in her opposite.. who are those one’s again?.. I asked myself..but I Can’t find a profitable answer to that..
The one standing at the bank of the river asked us to swim pass the water, while the other asked us to wait and face ojiji.. wetin man go do now ooo…

To be continued

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