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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 2

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

When we get to the destination, jude and Emma usher us in and we actually meet two white men accompanied by some black guyz..we got in and we all look for a place to sit, the white man stood up and address all of us congratulating us for being so wise to grab such beautiful opportunity ,he went ahead to explain more about the search to us, right from that hour I started having bad feelings towards the search,I excuse my friends out and I told kola and others that we should turn down the search and move on , but they were too deaf to hear me…

I tried all my best to convince them, but they fink am trying to be a lazy coward
Me : kola, guyz my mind no free with these people o..
Jahrul : alaye go sitdown jorh, u too lazy..
Kola : ben 10, nothing go happen
Chris b : ben 10 why you no de like to do hard work self, abi you the expect angels to carry money come give you ni?

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Me : guyz muna listing, no be say I de fear hard work but I no just trust these oyinbo people, you self see tk and him guyz, them no go follow us go and na igbo irumole we still wan go find that stuff..muna reason na
Blanny : see nigga, nothing go happen tk and him guyz don make am, shebi dem talk say one baba go give us wetin we go use, ?so that one no be issue
Sege : tell am o..
Me : ok I don hear una if una no wan hear me..

After our conversation we all went inside and the oyinbo guyz warned us that at this stage there is no going back cus we have signed an agreement, so they gave us the clue of what we were actually searching for and it’s a hidden treasures which is called egg of life..

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5 minutes later the herbalist man came in and he gave all of use some set of magical stuff that will guide us to the egg and he gave us some kind of warning also

Herbalist : you all should listen and listen carefully, you have 7 days to locate this egg, within this 7days no one of you should have s-x with any girl, you should drink no water and no food from the forest ,one of you will have the ability to see things when ever something bad is gonna happen, you all must always listing to what he or she say..
Me : haa!no food keh
Chris B : shut up, no be for just seven days you wan tell me say you no fit fast for seven days?
Kola : baba shey dats all?
Herbalist : yes..
Kola : it’s okay den, we will do it…

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The man went ahead to give us all we need for the journey, then we all set for the quest, when we got to the entrance of igbo-irumole my mind started beating faster than a samba drum, but as a man na once I go die, so I calm myself and follow others, we keep walking till the herbalist and tk and others got out of sight, at first the journey was kinda interesting as we chilled with others and mingled,
As we were discussing, I saw something with red eyes looking at us from our opposite, I called the attention of others but they never listen to me, before I could spell nun the light went off

To be continued

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