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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 19

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

We all step back, and ogbon step forward and face him.
Ogbon : that’s why there is no need for door here..
Me : but we met this monster on our way here
Ogbon : yes, did you wait for him?
Me : no we ran
Ogbon : you guys are lucky, cus if you wait before he attacks you, he will ask you some couple of riddles, if you get it correctly, he will leave you alone, but if you get it wrong you have your stars to blame..

The spirit of riddle move forward

Spirit of riddle ; to what do I offer the wisest being alive for his visit..
Ogbon : free entry for my friend
Spirit of riddle : ok, are you ready for the test?
Ogbon : bring it on
Spirit of riddle : I am something, I don’t have live, no one see me, no hear from me, but I am the hope of the poor, the rich and everything alive, what am i?

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Ogbon think for a while and answered

Ogbon : faith
Spirit of riddle : wrong..
He hit ogbon very bad.. Ogbon fell and roll in pain.
Ogbon : power
Spirit of riddle ; wrong..
He gave him another punch and this time ogbon was actually bleeding

Me ; stttoop!!! Please give him last chance … Ogbon please calmdown and think like human, if you keep thinking like gods you will fail the question..

Ogbon calm for a while and he thinks deep! Then finally he answered..
Ogbon : tomorrow..
Spirit of riddle : correct…you have the free access to pass..
Immediately he vanished out of our way..
Me : ogbon I trust you, I know you can do it,..
I hugged him, as he smiled..finally the door is opened, and ogbon says it time for him to leave..he turned and leave us to decide our faith on our own..we entered and see the egg, but right beside it were golds diamonds and all kinds of beautiful and glittering chains, bangles and jewelries..

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Vincent : mehn! This is great..
Blanny : omo! This one no be here o!
they both try to pick out of the jewelries, but I quickly cautioned them about what ogbon said, they turned deaf ears to my say and started picking the stuffs..
Me : Blanny, Vincent you guys should drop those stuff before its too late..
Blanny : tarrh.. for where? Do you want my suffering down to this place to be in vain? Never
Me : you two should stop na..kola talk to them..

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Kola : ben free dem na..let them enjoy themselves..
Blanny : don’t you get the message?..i promised my dad that the next time I will visit him would probably be with a car, so this is my chance of making it big..

As they continue picking the jewelries, suddenly the jewelries in their pockets began to transform to scorpions..

To be continued

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