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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 17

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

We all look back and we saw someone not different from others, he was sitting on a wooden chair busy writing something best known to him…

Me : good evening sir
Ogbon : welcome to my castle, to what do I worth such visit from the outside world?
Kola : we actually come to seek for your help
Ogbon : my help? What help would a human want from a gods who live for thousands years viewing his image day and night?
Me : it’s about the egg of life..

When he hears this, he stop writing and he looked up, his eyes were as white as a snow, so pulsating and beautiful, he doesn’t look like someone who has spent thousands of years one earth, he looks even younger than me..

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Ogbon : what did you just say?
Me : we came to seek for your advice on how to get the egg of life out of the hands of ojiji..
Ogbon : do you people know what you are saying? The egg of life is connected to ojiji’s heart, once it’s been touched, he will automatically get there within 30 seconds
Me : yes we know

Ogbon : and you still want it? Do you know how powerful ojiji is? Do you have any idea of what he can do? And what do you all intend to do with the egg of life?
Me : yes we know everything about ojiji, and the egg is to be use to save our dying king’s life.(I lied)
Ogbon : you might know everything about ojiji, but you don’t know one thing
Me : what could that be?
Ogbon : the egg of life is ojiji’s external heart, once someone gets it from him, ojiji will have to wait for another 1000 years before he could get another one, that should tell you how much he will safeguard the egg.

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Me : yes we know you are the only one who could help us and that’s why we are here to see you.
Ogbon : sorry I can’t help you guys, go on your own and die alone in the claws of ojiji..
Me : good and fine, if that’s what you want, but before he kill me, will I be able to say a few words to him?

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Ogbon : yes, he will let you speak.
Me : good and fine, I will let him know we visit you and you are also part of the plan, let’s see how you survive his wrath this time..
on hearing this, Ogbon stood up with much anger, his eyes turned to red instantly, his hairs began to burn like fire..

To be continued

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