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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 18

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Immediately others started moving back, all his guard surround us, everyone was actually blaming me for saying such word. But I know everyone in this forest is scared of ojiji, so ogbon is also part of them. I know he will surely fall for the trick, even the boldest creature on earth is scared of death, that I know for sure..
Ogbon move closer to me, he starred at me for about three minutes..

Ogbon : who are you? Are you a god or how do you reason like a god, how did you made the wisest creature on earth fall without the help of the creator?
Me : am not a god, my name is Benjamin Watson, but what I told you is what am going to tell ojiji if you refuse to help us.(i said bodly)

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At this point others keep mute as they watch me battle in the realm of wisdom with the wisest being on earth..

Ogbon : ok what do you want from me?
Me : show us how to get the egg of life without the awareness of ojiji.
Ogbon : ok I will show you.. but the only way you can enter the gate to where egg of life is, is by solving some riddles by the spirit of riddles..once the riddles is answered correctly, then you will have free access to the egg, you will have to be very fast cus once you get the egg, you will hold your breath before you touch the egg till you get out of the cave, so this is when your oneness works, when you breath ojiji will be automatically alerted. . I will have to go with you but after you entered, I will take my leave..

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Kola : thank you sir..
Ogbon : don’t thank me yet, thank me after I fulfil my promise..we don’t have much time, ojiji would be asleep now..lets go..

We all walked out of the building as ogbon lead the journey, one our way going, Cynthia keep asking ogbon some set of funny questions which he answered correctly. This ogbon wise o.. we walked all night till finally we got to ojiji’s cave..
Ogbon : here we are..all of you should stay behind me, and final warning for you all, when I finally leave you , no one should take anything apart from what you are here for..

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We all echoed okay, then we followed him as he entered the cave..
Me : why don’t ojiji have soldiers?
Ogbon : ojiji is like me, we don’t trust anyone aside from ourselves.. that’s why you see everyone in my castle looks identical..
Me : ok..but why ain’t there no door here?..
Ogbon : cus there is no need for one..

I was still wondering why there were no door on the way down to where egg of life is, when something tall and huge appeared..oh! This is the monster we saw one our way down here..

To be continued

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