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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 15

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Tears almost drop from my eyes as she was expressing herself, I will surely miss her cus with the couple of days we have spent, she has been my constant companion all time, she love talking to me alone and most time we discuss about our differences which is the human world and the monsters world..

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Moremi : I know it’s too early to say goodbye, if possible I would follow you down to where the egg of life is, but it’s not my fault, you all should forgive me ..
Before I go, let me tell you about the egg of life. The egg of life is being layed once in one thousand years and it’s being protected by the most powerful monster in this forest called ojiji (shadow) living soul enter there and comes out.
Ojiji is very powerful that even all monsters in this forest is afraid of see him.

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Me : but how are we going to get the egg since the monster is very powerful?
Moremi : the only way you can get the egg is if he is asleep, cus he only sleep once in two hundred years, and he has his eyes all over the egg even when he is sleeping, the egg is being connected to his heart, so if you touch it he will know ..

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Blanny : so what can we do to get the egg from him, and how do we know if the two hundred years was yesterday or even one hundred years to come?

Moremi : the seventh day of your journey makes it two hundred years, so he will sleep in two days time.. the only creature that knows how to get the egg from Ojiji, is called ogbon (wisdom) .. ogbon is the wisest creature in this forest and he is the only one that has faced Ojiji and make it home safely..

Kola : so how do we get to meet ogbon?
Moremi : ogbon lives untop of the highest mountain in this forest, that’s it (she point at a high mountain before us) that’s where he lives.
Vincent : for how long shall will it take us to get there?
Moremi : one day you have one day to get to ogbon and convince him to show u the secret of the egg of life..

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Me : is that all?
Moremi : no, from now on, oneness is your power, always do everything in one mind..i think you should start going cus you don’t have much time..

To be continued

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