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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 13

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

We all stood up with our last strength and try to run, then the creature quickly raise her hands telling us not to run, but we no believe yet we still wan run..

Blanny : make we no run na
Sege : you de craze? Why we no go run?
Blanny : you no see say na human being?
Kola : fool, you don forget say na igbo irumole you de?
Vincent : ask am o, how you wan take see human being here? Guyz abeg prevention is better than cure o..

Me : Guyz let’s wait, I don’t see evil behind her, she is not a monster
Cynthia : if she no be monster, who she come be? Ben you sure say you de alright?
Me : guy trust me on this, let’s wait.
Vincent : mehn! This ben na fool o,make we de wait for another monster because u just help us comot for one monster hand abi?
Kola : guyz let’s calmdown, ben you communicate with her and we will stay behind you…

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Kola stylishly pushed me forward and they all went behind a tree to watch the drama, the creature move a bit closer and she stopped, it’s actually a human but the face is not familiar, she is a beautiful as omotola, I was lost and charmed by her beautiful body before when she summoned me back to my senses with her low pitch soprano voice ..

Lady : hey! Ben..
Me : how did you know my name and what do you want from us *in a scared tone*
Lady : you have spent 5 days here and you still don’t have the idea of who I could be. I want to help you all.
Me : why do you want to help us *still scared*
Lady : calm down, I mean no harm..
Me : who are you?
Lady : am moremi, the goddess of beauty
Me : moremi?
Moremi: yes
Me : ok so tell me what you want from us.
Moremi : right from the first day you all entered this forest, I have been watching your movements , I have seen how the evil monsters of this forest had been killing some of you since, but I congratulate all of you for getting to this point, you all have 2 days left out of your given 7 days..but much evil awaits you all the closer you go in this journey..
Am here to provide the final warning for the rest of you

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On hearing this others starts coming out of where they hide.. she went about explaining things to us, moremi lead us from that spot, she guide us across different kind of rivers and evil lake. Then finally she stop.

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Moremi : sorry guyz I won’t be able to go further
Me : why na?
Moremi : it’s nothing but this is where I am permitted to reach, but before I go, let me give you the final warning..
SEE the stage you are is more worst than the one u have seen,but if you all could follow the instructions I gave u, all of you will survive ..

To be continued

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