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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 12

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Omg! It’s one of them blanny said, we all stand and none of us took a step forward, where do you think you are going? He asked in their gibberish language of which I interpret immediately after he concluded his statement, we stood mute and didn’t utter a word. Then we saw some set creature coming from behind, they were actually two . One of them was holding a big pole with his two hands but what amuse us about this was those set of creature where actually humans, but the question is who could they be?..

The one holding a long pole try to hit the monster with it but, before he could the monster caught him and he smashed him down, it was then we could get the clear picture of who that was..”its sege blanny echoed in his high pitched tenor voice ” .and Cynthia was the second person following him, how could this be ?(I thought )
But this is not the right time to ask questions

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Without no much time wasting we all stormed the monster and we successfully killed him without no much stress..we ran as fast as we could just to get out of their kingdom before day brake…

After 30 minutes of running, finally we are out of their reach.. we all sat under a big tree fully exhausted and panting hard…for about 5 minutes no one was able to utter a word cus we are all tired..but Vincent finally broke the silent

Vincent : sege how you take do am nah, we think say you don die o
Sege : me die, that one no be this year nah
Blanny : how did you do it, how u take know say dose things catch us

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sege : ok, on my way going back, I lost track and I don’t even know where I was heading to, so I started crying like a baby cus I know one of those evil monsters will surely come for me. I decide to sit under a big tree waiting for my death, at first I dozze off then I begin to hear some strange sound approaching where I was sleeping..i quickly stood up and hide behind a big tree, then I saw some set of monsters passing by I was wondering where they were heading to until I saw you guyz being arrested by them, so I began to follow them, till they got to their village that’s all..

Me : but how did you get cynthia and how did you save her
Sege : immediately I got to their village, I traced down where they keep you guyz and I saw them taking cynthia to some where else, so I followed them and I wait till they left her there! I fought with the last one standing next to her and I killed him, Before I could saved she followed me down to where they tied you all, but to my greatest surprise, I saw all of you standing in front of the monster , so I quickly attack him.

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Kola : hmmmm sege, you try o.. if no be you and Ben we no know wetin go happen next o .
Blanny : guyz! Look seems something is coming..

To be continued

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