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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 11

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Our thoughts were all strange, at first cus we all know they are going to kill her, but what will they do with her body is our best concern, the hilarious part of it is we all can’t do anything to save her life from the evil hands of the demons who took her away.. with eyes full of tears blanny asked me what the monsters where actually saying when they were taking Cynthia away.. I gave him a quizzical look before I could proffer a suitable answer to that…

Me : the one standing on her left side was saying she looks good for their king while the second one was saying she will look good for nice soup, yet their opinions don’t count. It’s about what they are taking her for..
Vincent : I don’t believe what you are saying..
Me : and I never begged you to do so..
Kola : you guys should just stop this madness, it’s really annoying, let’s look for a way out of this problem, we can’t just stand here and let them feed on us like chicken..

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Blanny : yes o, even if I go die I go still try fight like man o
Me : so what do you guyz suggest?
Blanny : I have an idea, one of us will pretend as if he is dead and we will scream and let them notice this, once they are here, we will let them untie him so he will fight dem and quickly untie us, we all will fight them and we run out of here..
Me : hahaha, Blanny you no well I swear, u wan fight monsters with four hands and two eyes without weapon and spiritual support, how on earth will you win the battle?

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Kola : Blanny forget about the idea it won’t work, let’s keep thinking of what to do before its too late, we don’t know who next they will come for..
Me : I have a suggestion
Kola : let’s hear you out
Me : ok, I could recall one of those things the herbalist man told us to say when ever we are in danger
Blanny : you be mumu o, why u no remember since..?
Me : you be fool, your brain no de there to remember am?
Blanny : na you be seer na
Me : seer kill you for me.

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Kola : ben abeg no mind that fool, pls do it
Blanny : oya nah, time no de abeg..
Me : ok but I don’t know how it works sha o, cus na that time one goat whey no gree talk anything go come begin put all d blame for my head o.
Kola : forget jorh, do wetin you go do.

Then I start reciting what the herbalist man told us, I did that for the first time and nothing happened, the second time, and finally the third time and within a blink of an eye everyone got loosed, instantly we all get up and prepare to run.Then we saw someone coming from the entrance..
See gobe o

To be continued

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