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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – Episode 10

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

I was really scared but what can I do to save everyone’s life..
As we were preparing to sleep, kola ordered that me and Vincent should guide the area, suddenly the wind started rumbling with most of our belonging, the light wents off and I know evil is coming..

Then we saw lights surrounding us, before we could fight back, they had already surround us and we have no choice than to follow what they say..they all step forward ,and that was when I could get the clear picture of how they look, they all have four eyes (two in front and two behind) , four hands, two legs and one mouth…

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The tallest one among them step out of their midst..he walked closer and he gave us a dirty smile,he ordered them to take us away, and others did, they took us to their kingdom where they all live, as we were passing by I over heard them talking to eachother, though others didn’t understand what they were actually saying but I Do..

They tied us behind a tall building with all kinds of human skull and odours smell, and they all left us there, after they left us we start communicating..
Cynthia was the first to brake the silence

Cynthia : *crying * I don’t know why I decide to join this search o, Vincent it’s your fault o
Vincent : how is it my fault and why are u blaming me gan? Shey my sister no die ni?
Kola : you guys should stop all this rubbish! No one is going to die, all we need is to look for a way out of this s–t..
Blanny : ben, talk put nah, Shey u no see anything ni?

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I stood silent for over five minutes, that was when I noticed that am unable to see anything cus the place they put us is a power house, no form of magic stuff work there apart from theirs, but the only thing I can do is hear what they say..

Me : guyz gobe don shelle o, I no fit see anything o
Blanny : haaaa! Try na.
Me : av tried all my best but nothing happened
Vincent : am not surprise to hear that sha, cus I never for once believe all u have been saying..
Me : what do you mean?

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Vincent : what I mean is very simple, you are not the seer and that’s the truth, cus if u are why don’t you see my sister’s death, why can’t you save her?
Me : what’s this idiot saying, Don’t you have sense at all, even the few I see, do you guys follow it? I might be the seer but I can only see I can’t save..
Kola : heey you guyz should stop this and be calm for once..all we need is the way out

As this was going on two of them came in and they took Cynthia away

To be continued

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