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Journey To Igbo Irumole – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 28]

Journey To Igbo Irumole

Journey To Igbo Irumole

My name is Benjamin Watson, but my friends call me ben10 , Am a boy of 24 years old, no parents, I actually stay with my street friends and we are about 6 guyz staying in the same room, this story is all about my experience in the quest of getting rich and making it in life.

At first, when I lost my parents, life became hard like oluzo dickson lol, cus my family reject me with the excuse that, my dad doesn’t care about the other family members when he was alive, so I should carter for myself. Even the landlord sent me out of his building claiming I don’t have enough resources to retain the room.then I meet with some of my street friends who stay alone , and they let me in, at first their kinda life was a bit too rude and dirty but time they say it heals pain faster than anything else, I come upgrade.

It all started around 5pm in the evening, when me and my friends where busy conversing outside our building., we noticed 3 guyz coming towards our direction
Me : who dose guyz de find come for this arena nah
Jahrul : I no know o,make we just de look dem first..

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Immediately I compose myself and sit calmly, they got to our place and we all exchange greetings..three of them were actually tall and bold looking, fear don begin catch me maybe dem be sSs, cus na sSs we fear pass for that area..i could recall when sss came to arest jaga the baddest boy in our area that time, jaga is a brutal cultist guy who commit different type of evil, he rape, steal and even kill, but when sss come catch am,carry am go for 6 months, my brother jaga is now a pastor…but I was totally quoted wrong when one of them finally table the reason for their visit..

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Tochukwu : hello guyz, my name is tochukwu but my friends call me tk, this is jude (he said tapping the other guy shoulder) and this is emmanuel..the reason why we are here is very simple, and I can bet you guyz this will brought you all cool cash I mean cool cash

Before he stop speaking, the other guy broke in
Emma : yes, am sure if you guys agree to do it, you will become millionaires…
Me : abeg, muna no vex o, wetin una de talk no clear for my ear o, abi you understand am ni jahrul?
Jahrul : no o,make una tell us the koko,cus others de inside and na wetin una tell us we go take clear them
Jude : ok, it’s about a simple ultimate search, a company is sponsoring a search in one of this forest around, and if we successfully find what they asked us to, you all will become millionaires…
Me : oga no vex wait make we call others, jahrul abeg call them Chris brown come

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Immediately jahrul ran inside to summon others..
Jahrul : blanny, sege, kola, Chris brown muna come outside cool deal don land o…
four of them actually came out to see what jahrul was calling them for..
Kola : jahrul wetin na, why you de shout like fowl whey snake de fight so?
Jahrul : alaye sitdown make u hear latest..
Blanny : ok we de listing..
Me :oya oga continue

Emma went ahead with his explanation, and they give us sometime to think about it, they dropped their number and they left..we all think about it overnight and we plan to visit them the next day…but when we got there what we actually meet was far beyond our imagination

(happy birthday to me)

To be continued

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