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Joshua The Security Officer – S01 E12

“well madam, I realised the front tyres needs to be changed. They look too old, otherwise besides that the car condition is fine” Moses disclosed.
“that is true. I will let you take it to my mechanic so it will be changed” Shilla told him.
“I hope he passed the test” doctor Arnold asked when Shilla ordered the driver to follow her to the office.
“I must confess that he is indeed a professional. He knows what he is about. He has more than passed” shilla replied.
Doctor Arnold laughed… ” for being agent or broker, pay me i want go” Dr Arnold joked as usual.
They all laughed.
At the office, Shilla gave the driver some money and the name of the garage she usually serviced her car.
The driver was familiar with the place.
He left.
“what do you think about the young man” doctor Arnold inquired when the driver left.
” His first appearance is very deceitful. My fingers are crossed for now” Shilla said while putting on her white overcoat.
“Moses the driver is a family friend, a neighbor, I have known him for more than five years and I must say that nothing bad has been said about him since he started driving. He is a great driver. His wife works in a bank. She is a graduate though the guy isn’t. She always show appreciation to me for linking her to the young man. I am actually the master planner of their marriage” doctor Arnold disclosed to Shilla.
“thank God you know him very well. If he run away with my car, I will hold you responsible” Shilla said and they both laughed.
“well, you have no cause for alarm. I will buy you your car if he turns out to be a bad guy” doctor Arnold assured.
“wait a minute! Did you just say his wife is a bank manager?” Shilla asked looking shocked.

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“why the shocked face? Yes she is. I was in the same university with the lady. In fact we stayed in the same hostel, She read Management Accounting. Since you are working with her husband, you will meet her soon” Dr Arnold replied.
“Eeeeh Arnold, u have shocked me.. gosh! When will women value themselves? Why would a bank manager stood so low to marry a mere driver. This will be over my dead body. I mean how will my friends see me? I would rather stay single” Shilla said.
Shilla picked her instrument and a folder ready to go to the ward.
Doctor Arnold shook his head in disbelief, Shilla’s words touched him.
There was nothing he could say to the young lady Shilla, He knew Shilla had misleading pride, her utterances broke him down, but Dr Arnold knew how happily married the two were.
He just stared at her.
The two doctors exited the office and went to the ward to attend to the patients.
The two doctors with the assistance of the nurses attended to the admitted patients and later checked on those that were in the waiting room.
The little girl Gift she operated on some months ago was brought to the hospital by her father for check up.
The little girl was very happy and excited to see her doctor friend.
The little girl disclosed to Shilla that her birthday was on the weekend and wanted to see Dr Shilla at her birthday party.
Shilla had plans for the weekend. She had to meet up with Doctor Aaron and see the way forward of their relationship.
” Sorry Gift, aunt will be busy over the weekend ” Shilla said.
To her surprise, Gift cried, felt bad and begged her to make it to her party. It was a pathetic scene.
Shilla had no option than to accept to go for the birthday party.
Gift stopped shedding tears when the female doctor promised to attend the birthday party.
The little girl Gift thanked her for accepting to go for the party.
The driver returned with the car in a perfect condition.
“Moses take a seat I want us to talk shortly ” Shilla said as Moses wondered.
” How much would want to take as your salary? ” Shilla asked.
” ooh madam you can give me something that can facilitate me and also put something on a plate for my family” Moses said.
” Yes tell me that something ” Shilla said.
” Seven hundred thousand Ugx ” Moses said.
Shilla agreed to pay that amount.
She promised to add more if he proved to be a good driver.
Later that afternoon, Moses took his boss to lunch. He drove her back to the hospital after the lunch.
Shilla received a call from Doctor Aaron.
The young man as usual was calm and soft spoken.
He was very gentle on the phone.
He made Shilla feel comfortable. He asked her if their meeting would be possible during the weekend.
Shilla disclosed that something serious had come up which would need her attention during the weekend.

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Shilla pleaded with Doctor Aaron to shift their meeting to the following weekend.
The young man agreed on the phone. They spoke on a few things before hanging up.
Shilla sat in the swivel chair and thought about doctor Aaron. She had a mixed feeling.
The sweetness and calm nature of the young man was making her fall for him but her past experiences were giving her the red signals to be careful about the young man.
“he is handsome, gentle and soft spoken. He is every ladies dream and on top of the list, he is a doctor. A very good profession. What is preventing me from accepting him. Like Norah said, no need crying over spilt milk. It’s already spilt and there is nothing you can do about it. Even Rome wasn’t built in one day, My past can’t hold me back.” Shilla thought and smiled to herself”…
Well, I think doctor Aaron is a good guy. Or what do you think?……………..

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