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Joshua The Security Officer – S01 E11

He as well asked her what she also specialized in.
Norah without wasting time disclosed that her friend was a pediatrician.
“wow! You are a doctor too? That is beautiful. A lady with a strong heart” Aaron said to Shilla who was not too happy with her friend for telling Aaron she was a doctor.
Norah just ignored her and laughed off.
Shilla was thrilled with everything about the young man.
He was gently dressed with his hair neatly barbed. He was of the same height with Shilla.

Aaron had a cute face that could make a girl go wild. He spoke softly and gentle.
Among the friends of Shilla,
Norah was her favorite. She was a lady that doesn’t keep things.
Norah always try her best to make a joke out of the most delicate situations. Whenever she was annoyed, she would just talk and let go instantly.
She was a friend like no other.
Shilla and Aaron got to know each other well while they had fun.
They exchanged contacts before parting ways.
Shilla dropped Norah to her place before going home.
Shilla told herself there was no way she was going to fall so easily for the young man.
Shilla took a shower, and felt a little relieved, she went to her home library, she picked a story book titled ” THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW” written by David Elena from her shelves and begun to read on her bed.
The suspense in the story made Dr Shilla wanted to read more and more to the end but it was very unfortunate sleep took over.
The book was so appetizing, it had a story talking about preparing to live a happy marriage.
Shilla was the first doctor to get to work the following day.
Doctor Arnold later entered her office with a guy following him.
He introduced the young man to her as Moses Opolot, the driver he had been talking about.

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Shilla stared at the guy for sometime before asking him how long he had been in the driving business.
The driver replied that he had been in the business for more than five years.
He presented his driving license to Dr Shilla to see the details on it.
She was somehow impressed with him.
Shilla gave him the details of his duty as her driver and asked if he was OK with it.
The driver was to pick her early in the morning everyday to work at six and back to the house at five in the evening.
” Moses the hours between 8am to 4pm you will be free and you will do any of your business only if there’s a program, I can communicate” Shilla communicated.
” The most important thing was, you must be on time to pick me to work and back to the house” Dr Shilla said.
” There’s problem at all.” Moses replied.
Shilla sent a strong warning to the driver.
“Moses you have to be respectful, always keep secrets, in fact partly am giving my life in your hands, obey my orders and not do what you wished.” Shilla said.
The driver agreed and assured Shilla he was a well trained guy, there was no need to worry.
” when do you wish to start work?” Shilla asked.
” I would have any problem if i can start now or tomorrow” moses the Driver replied.
Shilla laughed . She realised the young man was ready to work.

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She made him start work because he was well known by doctor Arnold.
The driver’s joy knew no bounds. He was all excited for having gotten the work.
The driver showed appreciation to his new boss for having confidence in him. While he was jubilating over his newly found job,
Shilla took a quick glance at him.
An idea crossed her mind. She stood up from the swivel chair.
” Moses follow me” Shilla said.
Doctor Arnold wondered what she was up to.
Shilla took the driver to the parking lot and handed to him her car keys and ordered him to move the car.
Doctor Arnold laughed as usual because he realised what the young lady was driving at.
He knew the driver was too good for her small examination.
Moses entered the car. He unlocked the bonnet and got down. He opened the bonnet and checked the level of diesel in the car.
Being sure of the level, he made sure the batteries were perfectly connected. Moses checked other things before closing the bonnet.
He went round the car and checked the condition of the wheels. He entered the car again and turned the ignition. The car responded with ease.
Dr Shilla stared at him in admiration. Shilla realized the young man was indeed a professional in the driving business.
Moses moved the car a few meters away from where it was parked and parked it back to where it was parked again.
He turned off the ignition and activated the hand break.
Moses removed the key and got down. He stared at his boss to see what she had to say. Whether he passed the test or failed.
Judging from the look on Dr Shilla’s face, doctor Arnold knew she was satisfied with what she saw the driver do.
He had wanted to say something but kept his fingers crossed for Shilla to speak first.
“well done Moses for that job. After testing the car, what do you think is wrong with it?” Shilla asked the driver.
Shilla knew something was wrong with her car. She even had the intention of taking it to the service center during the weekend for servicing.

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