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Joseph (The Hand Of God) – Episode 10

Hassan had returned to school that night and went to see his pastor first thing in the morning. The man prayed with him and assured him that nothing evil was going to happen to him.

Doris had come home to meet an empty hous. She was told all that had transpired in her absence, how her husband had sent their son packing. When Chuks returned home after midnight, she confronted her husband, and then, for the first time, he told her about the circumstances surrounding Hassan’s birth and about the oath he had taken. He told her she must find a way to convince their son or else, everything that could go bad would certainly go bad.

Doris panicked. She had no one to turn to, but Veronica and her husband, who were surprised to find her at their door the next morning. She was crying as she explained everything that had happened.

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Veronica and her husband assured her that nothing’s gonna happen to Hassan.

That time, they preached to her about God almighty, then prayed for her and her son.

Doris was willing to accept Jesus christ in her life.
Doris opened her hands as Veronica led her to Christ in prayer.


Chuks was right. Everything that could go wrong indeed went wrong. Hassan had refused to join the Ogondo society.

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Chuks business began to crumble and the cult members threatened to take Hassan’s life.

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Doris had started to attend church with Veronica and her husband. She also visited Hassan in school and told him about everything that had been happening at home.

Both mother and son prayed together before leaving each other that day.

Back home, Doris tried to talk her husband into accepting their son back. But he blatantly refused.

He said Hassan was the reason he was being punished. In less than a two months he had lost everything he owned except the house they lived in.

If they didn’t hope that Hassan would change his mind soon, they would take his life, too.

That night, Doris told him she was now a christian and he got furious and threw her out of the house.

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“Repent, Chuks, Repent! Christ will save you!” Doris cried as she took her belongings and left the house.

Veronica and Christopher who took Doris into their home.

They held vigil in prayer for Chuks’s soul and in faith, waited for God to answer their prayer.


On the fifth day that Chuks sent Doris packing, he had gone to bed drunk only to be awakened by the thick smoke that filled the room.

At first he thought he was dreaming, then he realised his house was on fire. . . .

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