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Jay – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 10]



Jay’s POV

I stayed at Nana’s sister’s school, sitting on top of the big school bus…


Ever since I found out im a ghost, I could now do unnelievable things…

I jumped and the next thing, I found myself on top of the bus..

I stared at the stars and the moon in the sky.


I tried counting them all but (lol..)


Unbelievable that a ghost can’t count stars just like humans..

I layed down with my head resting on my arms as I kept my stare at the stars and thoughts of my family came over..

I know they are looking for me now..


But I can’t go to them cos that would only make me go crazy!


They won’t see me! So what’s the point?

I just need to know what happened to me.


Why I suddenly became a ghost..


Why I had to die..


Do I really have a limited time here?

I needed someone to answer this questions and it’s no one else but Nana that could answer all this..


She’s the only that sees me.

I sighed and closed my eyes..

If only I know her house..


But its fine… I’ll wait here for her.


She’s not gonna go away from me…


#Nana’s POV




My alarm woke me up feeling a slight headache..


I shut the alarm up and rubbed the side of my head where it hurt.


Ugh! I didn’t sleep last night…


Okay, I did…but so freaking late…


I guess I didn’t even have up to two hours sleep..

I sighed and got up from the bed, pulling the soft duvet off me..

I walked out of Kiki’s room down to my own.


I opened it and slowly walked in.

It’s still the same way it was.




Thought Jay is gonna appear in my room..


Thought he’s gonna be sitting on the edge of my bed, with that cute smile of his, looking at me with those golden eyes of his..


And then push hisgolden hair back..

I miss him..

But the issue is this…

Im scared of him…


I passed out because he touched me.

His hands felt so cold… Is that the way ghost hands feel?


So cold like an ice.

Kiki had the duvet on her and sleeping like its not morning yet.

Iturned and walked out, to my room.

I slowly cracked my door open and peeped in and scanned..

My room is just as I left it.




Thought Jay’s gonna appear in my room.


Sitting on the edge of my bed and smiling at me once I open the door with his cute golden eyes and then push his hair back.

But no Jay… I was relieved and happy but my stupid self!


I wish he’do had came..

My stupid self.


I was missing him.


I was missing a ghost!


Oh, Horrific.

I pushed the bathroom door open and walked in, leaving the door open.

I stared atmyself in the mirror.. My hair wasn’t messy cos I had a short sleep but my eyes were heavy and baggy..

I still needed sleep…



At the kitchen, I prepared breakfast cereal.. For Kiki alone cos Im not hungry at all.

After that, I woke Kiki up and she brushed and had her breskfast while I went to brush and have my bathe… After that, I bathe Kiki and then I dressed her up, pulling her black school skirts and white shirt on her.


She loves to wear her socks and shoes by herself so I left them to her, while I dress up.




While we got into the car and I drove off, Kiania asked me..

“What about the cute guy that you saved?”


“Didn’t see him again.” I lied.

He’s a ghost and you don’t need to know about him..

Maybe he’s at Kiki’s school.. waiting for me..


Or has he gone?


Today is the third day and the granny said his son’s spirit left at the third day..


Do all spirit vanish at the third day?

Is Jay really gonna leave today?


When his family don’t even know about his death yet. Maybe..


When he got no idea the reasons for his death.

He don’t even believe that he’s dead..

How do I overcome my fright when I see him..


It’s so frightenening that you are seeing a ghost and you the only one who sees him.


And then,.he wants you to be the one to help him!

And he can’t let go off you and let you be!



Getting towards Kiki’s school felt like getting to a dragon dungeon…


I was already sweating and my hands were already shaking..


But I held myself so Kiki don’t notice..

My heart was beating so loud..


I was going to see a ghost now..

I drove into the school… And therehe is.

He sat on the bonnet of a red car, staring at whatever..

I shut my eyes,.opened them back with every boldness and strongeness I could gather within, I drove into the parking lot.

He has already seen me…. He had his eyes on my car.. On me.

I pulled to a stop and helped Kiki out of the car.


Then I came out with her lunchbox and without making eyes contact with Jay, I held Kiki towards the school building..

I thought he was gonna call my name but he didn’t.

We walked into the hallway and I took Kiki to her class..


Kissed her goodbye after promising to both her and Ms Sarah to come pick her up early today..


She waved me goodbye and I turned and left the class.

As I was almost getting to the hallway entrance, I paused and Inhaled.


I don’t wanna be scared of this guy..


I gotta be strong… Nana be strongg.

I wiped the little sweat on my forehead off and walked out of the hallway.

He was now sitting on my car bonnet and our eyes met.


I tried my best not to look away..

I wanted to take this fright outta me..


His smile widened as he realised I was trying my best not to look away.


I walked with loud beating heart to my car..

And still my eyes was on his and he stared on without blinking eyes for once….and he was still smiling..

Then he lipped his bottom lip and smiled more broadly.

Why the smile?

“I missed you. Thanks for coming. I know Im gonna find you here.” He said and licked his bottom lip again..

That was awkward.

I inhaled, “You don’t wanna leave me alone. I don’t really know how to help you.” I said.

I don’t care if anyone was looking at me.

“People are staring at you. Let’s talk in the car.” He said.

In the car!

“Look Nana… I can’t hurt so why you so freaking scared of me? Come on. We need to talk.” He said and then.. He vanished out of the car bonnet..

I flinched.

“Come on Nana.. Im in.” I heard him say inside my car.

I breathed..



out… then checked the few people who seem to be looking at me, before going for the car door.

I opened it slowly and entered, sitting.


I made sure I didn’t look at him this time. He was so close.


I was so close to a ghost.

“Am I scary?” He asked, trying to see my eyes.


“Stop looking at me that way!” I said.


He pulled back his head to the headrest.


“Im sorry.” He said.

“You have no idea what it means to be close to a ghost.” I said.


“Can you stop saying that?” He said.


“Saying what?” I asked.


“Calling me a ghost.” He said.

I don’t know.. But what he said made me glance at him..


He was looking at me..


Our eyes met and I looked away instantly.. My eyes landed on his side-view mirror and he wasn’t appearing there.


He should have, if he wasn’t a ghost..


Just the way he didn’t appear in the camera..


I shut my eyes.


“You… ain’t appearing in the side-view mirror.” I said and then opened my eyes.

He checked it, then looked at me.

“Yeh.. I know im a ghost.. but I dont want you to say it to me. It fvcking hurts! I just need to find what happened to me.” He said.

“Im late for work already.” I said, turned the care engine and drove off.

“What are we gonna do about it?” He asked.


“No idea.” I said.


“About what?” I asked.


“Finding about my death.” He said.


“You have to know Nana..” He said with a really sad tone.

I inhaled.


“I don’t know how I can help you Jay.” I said.


“What about going to that forest?” He said.

I glanced at him.

“I can’t go to a forest with you!” I said.


“Why Nana?” He asked.


“I can’t. Im a lady. I can’t go with you alone. I’do be freaking scared. We need someone.” I said.


“We should go to your home and I will tell them about you.” I said.


“I don’t want them to know about my death yet.” He said.




“Cos I feel that im not really dead Nana.” He said.

I looked at him.


He was looking at me.

“Yeahh..” He said.


“Your hand was cold..” I said.

He licked his bottom lip.

“Why do do you do that now?” I asked.


“Do what?” He asked, raising his eyebrow.


He look so cute.

I looked away and went on with my driving…

“Nanaa..” He called.




“Im sorry for yesterday. Didn’t know, I wouldn’t have tried touching you.” He said.

I inhaled.


“It’s okay..” I said.

“Nana..” He called again.




“You’re really beautiful.” He said.

I couldn’t smile… Though I wanted to but I just said, “Thank you.”

The next time I glanced at him… He was checking out the tattoos on his arms..

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