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Jason and Mabel – Season 3 – Episode 6 [Completed]

Episode six
Mabel sipped her wine while Jason served dinner, still wearing only her apron. Still hard. They ate, and Mabel decided to discuss the change back.
“Why have you gone back to your submissive attitude?”
“I don’t know for sure,” he lied. “I just felt so excited when the thought came to me as I was cooking your dinner. I get a feeling in my belly and get all hard when I think about being…..well, being your slave.”
It excited Jason to say it that way, and it surprised Mabel. She felt really sexually excited, starting from when she saw Jason, and now she was almost cumming at the thought of him being her houseboy slave.
“Slave, eh? On your knees!”
He instantly obeyed, and Mabel walked up to him and lifted her skirt, forced his face into herself. He licked her and she came so hard on his face. She sat back down, out of breath.
Mabel said, “I have to think this all over. Let’s finish our dinner.”
They ate, and Jason served cookies he had made for dessert.
Mabel ordered him to remove his apron and follow her into the living room. When the got there she pointed to the floor and he dropped to his knees. Mabel felt that this submissive position would be best for what she was about to discuss with Jason.
“Yesterday I called James and made a date with him for Friday. We’re going to dinner, then dance, then he’s taking me back to his apartment for sex. I’ll be back Saturday by lunch.”
“I don’t want you to do this. We’ve been having great sex. But if you bring him into the picture again, I will not be with you after that.”
Mabel noticed that Jason, although naked and on his knees before her, was not hard, or sexually aroused at all. This was not what she had expected. His appetite for submission had seemed almost limitless. She thought that when she laid out her plan to cuckold him, he would be unable to hide his excitement. But she was wrong — she could plainly see that.
“Jason, I know you like being submissive to me. How could it get more submissive than sitting home while I have a date and sex with James?”
“It can probably get worse. But that’s a line I cannot cross. If you keep your date, I’ll end our marriage the second you walk out the door. You need to take that seriously.
“I see. I’ll likely reconsider. But I have to think about what our marriage will be in future. I do feel really empowered by being able to dominate you. But how long can such a relationship last?”
“Sometimes I feel powerful, like the other night. You seemed to enjoy that as well. We can just trade off, react to how we feel. Sometimes we can just be normal. BUT I will not be your cuckold.”
“I understand. I’ll break the date.”
They went upstairs, and Mabel showered, and put on a nice nighty. Jason was in his study, and she appeared in the nighty and gave him a big hug.
Mabel said, “Let’s have a normal, loving night tonight.”
Jason again rose to the occasion. And Mabel did not think much about James at all. But Jason did. He would never tell Mabel that he imagined himself to be James. He would just be giving her permission to fuck him. And he knew that if that happened, their marriage would end.
The next day Mabel called James and cancelled the date. She said she had discussed it with Jason and he had been very sure about that being the end of their marriage. So, she had to cancel.
James tried to convince her to go ahead. He said that if Jason broke up the marriage over it, he would marry her in an instant. And Mabel told him that that would never work, and that he should find a nice sexy young woman to marry and have a family with.
Some months passed, and Jason and Mabel’s marriage never got stale. They did switch off having the upper hand, and at least once a week they had just simple loving sex. They celebrated their 25th anniversary, with a second honeymoon to Spain. Mabel got lots of foot rubs. She also got to dance with some young Spaniards. She was thrilled by that, but she always saved the last dance for Jason.
The end……………………………………………

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