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Jason and Mabel – Season 3 – Episode 5

Episode five
“Okay.” She said it meekly. She never knew how strong Jason could be. It frightened her, but also excited her.
They showered together and ate the stew. Mabel decided to put off telling Jason about her Friday date. In fact, she wasn’t sure she wanted that any more.
After dinner they went right to bed, and Jason made love to her. It was a thrilling switch and she knew she loved him so much. She told him so.
Wednesday morning they both left for work with smiles on their faces.
Mabel was still unsure about her date with James. The new assertive Jason had taken her completely by surprise. On the other hand, James was younger and had that big cock. Bigger than she had ever had. She still got wet thinking about it. The day passed, and she was deep into her work, and not thinking about sex until she left at around 600. She wondered what awaited her at home. These days each homecoming brought a fresh experience and she was really curious.
Jason also worked hard that day. But his mind did wander to his marital situation. He left work at about 430, and started dinner when he got home. It was a vegie and egg salad, with scalloped potato. Jason was always aroused when he cooked for Mabel. He saw it as submissive, and it was seen that way by Mabel too, he knew. Also, he liked his own cooking and he was losing weight because he controlled his diet. Jason got a text from Mabel that she was headed home. He decided to give a sign. He stripped off his clothes, and put on her apron from the cupboard. It was a little frilly thing. He was instantly hard as he chopped the vegies. He stayed hard and Mabel came into the house, called him.
“In here.”
“Jason! What are you doing?”
“Cooking your dinner, of course.”
Mabel was surprised by Jason’s naked cooking, and especially by him wearing the frilly apron. She again felt a real surge of power over him, and she took his gesture as affirming that.
“Crawl to me and take off my sandals.” Jason obeyed. He was so excited.
He crawled and removed her dress sandals.
“If you ask nicely, I’ll let you kiss my feet.”
“May I please kiss your feet, Mabel.”
“Sure. You’re such an obedient husband. I’m happy that you belong to me.”
“Yes. Me too.”
“Enough now, finish cooking.”
“Yes, Mabel.”
Jason’s switch back to submissiveness came because he thought through what he was feeling when he took control of Mabel. He realized that while he was forcefully fucking his wife, he imagined that he was James. It was James’s cock, not his, that was punishing his wife. This realization left him aroused. And he found himself taking off his clothes and putting on the apron to cook Mabel’s dinner.

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