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Jason and Mabel – Season 3 – Episode 4

Episode four
“I’ll be happy to take you on a date, and to take your body. And if I do, I think it will not be the last time.”
“Believe me when I say that.”
“Shall I pick you up or should we meet somewhere?”
“Pick me up at 700.” She hung up.
She was wet and aroused by what she had done. Three days, and she would fuck James until the sun came up…and more.
Jason worked from home that day. He decided that he would reassert himself with Mabel that night. No more submission. He believed that if they continued down that road, with no push back, Mabel would end up having sex with James. And he thought that he’d been wrong when he told her he might be able to stay with her after that. He knew that it wasn’t true. Maybe when he was fully aroused by being dominated by his wife he would say that. But the next day he’d be out the door.
Mabel walked into the house, and noticed that there was again a nice smell of dinner cooking.
“Hi, we have some stew in the oven. We have some time,” he said.

“Well, lets go upstairs and you can help me clean up.”
Jason walked up the stairs behind his wife, and she went to the bedroom. She took off her dress and Jason noticed that she wore no panties, just a bra. She dropped it to the floor and turned to see him naked and erect. She noticed that he was looking better, not so flabby.
Jason just walked up to her and put his hand between her legs. She was wet and ready for him — or for someone.
“You’re already hot.”
He picked her up off the floor and spread her thighs. He rubbed his cock across her mons, and then shoved it into her, fully into her. She yelped. He moved her back and forth on himself and she clung to his neck and wrapped her legs around him. He was like a rock, he never moved his feet, or put her down on the bed. It was a feat of strength that, if she had been asked before, Mabel would have said Jason would be unable to do. Yet here she was being fucked like an animal, by her husband. She responded like an animal. Jason began to growl as he moved her on his shaft. She whimpered and then she had a huge orgasm. Jason kept at her, never letting up and growling at her. Then he picked up the pace and gave a big howl as he came deep inside her. She had another orgasm that caused her to lose consciousness for a few seconds.
Jason carefully lifted her off his shrinking penis, and put her on the bed. She came to, and looked at him in wonder.
Jason looked back at her, smiled a wicked smile.
“No more Mr. Nice guy,” Jason said..

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