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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Jason and Mabel – Season 3 – Episode 3

Episode three
Jason sat on the floor at her feet and began to rub her, one foot then the other. He was not looking at her, just looking down as he massaged her. He felt so submissive. He began to get aroused, and Mabel noticed.
“You like doing this for me, don’t you Jason?”
“And I like it too. Kiss them.”
Jason hesitated, and then he bent his neck and began kissing her feet. Mabel was really aroused by her power over her husband. But she knew that she should be careful, lest she break the marriage and turn it into something else. Still, she wanted to see how far she could go with this.
“Take off your clothes.”
Jason didn’t reply, but he took his shirt off and lowered his shorts and underwear. His cock was rock hard, and he was blushing.
“I love it that you obey me since I started lusting after James. But why? Why have you become so submissive?”
“I don’t know. Maybe because you use me sexually, as a James substitute. And even when you openly did that, I was overpowered and aroused. I’m confused.”
“If I would have decided to fuck him, what would you have done?”
“I…I… would have been devastated.”
“But would you have stood for it?”
“Yes. I think I would have been….felt…submissive to you. But not to him!”
“Come to bed. I’m going to use you some more.”
Jason followed her upstairs, naked and hard.
The next day Mabel was at work, and she missed James. But she and her two new (female) assistants made good progress on the Angel case. Toward the end of the day Mabel thought again about her current situation. She was intrigued by Jason’s admission that he would allow her to have James, because he felt submissive. Was he telling the truth? She decided that she had to find out. Mabel picked up the phone and called James.
“Hi, James.”
“Mabel. Should you be calling me from work?”
“James, I’ve thought a lot about you, and your profession of love for me. I want you to understand that I do not love you. But I do lust after you in a way I’ve never done for any man before. So, I’d like you to take me. But I do not want to lose Jason.”
“He need never know.”
“But he would know. He’s very smart and intuitive. So I’m going to tell him in advance. I’d like you to take me dancing Friday night, and come home Saturday morning. BUT…that will be the first and last time for us.”

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